Moving From the Mundane to the Miraculous!

Moving From the Mundane to the Miraculous!

MOVING FROM THE MUNDANE TO THE MIRACULOUS! This phrase scrolled across my thoughts, sort of like a ticker-tape, although it wasn’t visual, instead I saw it with my spiritual eyes in a way that grabbed my attention. Almost like … going from a mundane thought to the supernatural miraculous zone! That’s it! When God steps in … things change! What we see, what we think, as the opening up of possibilities begin to abound!

What does that mean?  How will that happen?  What will make things different to allow this transition to take place?  I mean, after all, the mundane to the miraculous is quite a jump!  It’s a far cry from where we’ve been to step into the miraculous!  Into a place where we experience the moving of the Holy Spirit in such a way that the space around us is transformed into the zone of the miraculous.  A place where things begin to change, signs, wonders, and miracles abound!  Only then will we truly realize how mundane our world has been.  How mundane is the God that we have shaped?  He, of course, is not mundane, but the God we have molded by our religious ways has been minimized in such a way that we don’t even realize how mundane we have made him compared to who He truly is.  We (the church) have possessed a form of godliness but in our traditions, and religious ways, we have denied His true power! 

This is about to change for those who will allow the religion box to be dismantled. We are about to see a God who does the miraculous!  And, I mean … REALLY DOES THE MIRACULOUS!  Not just in a small way, but in a life-altering, tradition-shattering way!  Let God arise and His enemies scattered type of way!  There is a new place in the miraculous we are about to enter.  This will be the land called “Promise!”  Before we shout too loudly, let us remember that the Promised Land is actually full of giants that need to be displaced, killed, and done away with.  A lot of those giants are in the form of our western view of who God is.  In order to move into the miraculous lifestyle, we must leave the wilderness and its ways behind.  Only the Holy Spirit can show us these ways that lay within each of us. This is the first miracle that we are able to enter into the truly Miraculous Zone in a personal way with Him. The place where we get “A Miracle Makeover” of our belief system.

This miracle makeover zone requires humility and surrender of the ways we hold dear, in order to allow the Holy Spirit to reshape our beliefs and thoughts, and open up a fuller understanding of God. If we continue to paint inside the same lines we have up to this point, we will only continue to get the same picture we currently have. It is imperative that we allow the Artist to paint His picture so our picture of Him will be brighter, full of life, and able to play out in 3-D! He is multi-dimensional and somehow we have relegated Him to our natural minds and limitations. We hope that if we try hard enough, say or do the right things, follow the formulas more accurately, practice enough times, that somehow God will bless what we are doing and we will enter the world called Supernatural. We must ask ourselves, “How has this worked for us up to this point”? Are we satisfied to continue following the same patterns, formulas, pictures, and programs? If so, we will continue to get the same results. There will be little bits of fruit along the way, but somehow the true power of God will continue to evade us. But, as we desire more, yield more of ourselves, our time, and our ways to Him our relationship with Him becomes SO MUCH MORE. It’s not sitting in the right chair called “our prayer chair”, or reading the scripture again still viewing it with the same filter so it brings reassurance of what we already believe or have ingrained deeply within. It’s not speaking or singing in tongues from the position of neutral, or doing battle like we are swinging at a pinata or the many other traditions we have thought to bring about a connection with HIM.

My paradigm was challenged to the very core of my being after my husband suffered horribly and died. We prayed, believed God, and did everything we knew to do, but … we did not win the battle! This battle left me exhausted, worn out, and frankly … in a place where I remember saying, “God, I couldn’t hear you if you were standing right in front of me!” WOW! My journey deep into God’s heart was only just beginning. Many people said to me, “It’s okay to be mad at God”! Thankfully my response was this, “Why would I do that? God didn’t do this! And if I get mad at God, then where will I go? Who will I turn to if I don’t have Him?” These types of “go-to beliefs and ways of dealing with disappointment” in the church are a part of what I am talking about! Well, I knew what I believed about God, but I had to question my beliefs from a different standpoint …

“God, why don’t we (the church) see the miracles we say we believe in”? “How can I say I believe You, and not understand why we very rarely see You act like the Bible we preach says we should? “Lord, how do I believe in healing and miracles from this point forward? I know you are the Healer, but my traditions and experiences surely don’t exhibit the reality of your true power”! “Lord, why is it so rare that we actually experience results when we (the Spirit-filled Church pray?” Why do we have to make excuses for why you didn’t heal, or be relegated to the pitiful place of statements like, “Well, now he is healed because he is in heaven”, “Suffering is a part of life and Jesus would have healed him if it wasn’t his time to go”, or “the devil won this battle but God will make something good out of it”! I simply knew that I could no longer say I believe Jesus is the Healer and not demonstrate any power that actually looks like the Book of Acts believers! We don’t read anywhere that they practiced, used formulas, or offered a ‘hopeless hope’ to people! NO! They laid hands on the sick and they recovered and signs, wonders, and miracles broke out everywhere they went! They weren’t going around looking for signs, wonders, and miracles, but these acts followed them! They were looking to spread the word of THE ONE who changes lives, and as they did … HE CHANGED LIVES! “Lord, where is the disconnect between what I say I believe and what I’ve learned or experienced, then somehow excused away with a doctrine of man or demons? I have to know in order to MOVE FORWARD! I HAVE TO UNDERSTAND”!

JESUS, HELP US! Help us to KNOW YOU … truly KNOW YOU! Help us to move from our mixed-up mindsets and traditions, into a place of DEEP RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU! As we take this journey, may our paradigms of WHO YOU ARE … CHANGE US! Simply said, WE MUST ALLOW OUR BELIEF SYSTEM TO BE CHALLENGED SO THAT WE MOVE DEEPER INTO RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LIVING GOD! As He took me into deeper places, and revealed Himself and His ways, and established His Kingdom within my being! He challenged my doctrines and theologies, convicting me, revealing to me, changing me, all in a deeply secret place of gut-wrenching truth by THE SPIRIT AND THE WORD … working together in tandem, deep within my belief structure. He obliterated my wrong concepts (doctrines of demons and man), and my understandings by very simply “turning on the light switch” showing me His truth, and “the TRUTH instantly setting me free”! My response was the key, as I allowed my ways to be challenged, and had the humility to surrender them to His ways. I could no longer defend the gospel I had learned up to this time! Of course, I kept the good I had learned and thank God for it, but there was much that held me in a place of powerlessness, even though I said I believed in a God of Power! Praise the Lord! He wants to set us free and move us into the MIRACULOUS!

What I am trying to say friends is this … We have been trained to think that when it’s time for signs, wonders, and miracles, that somehow the Holy Spirit is going to fall upon us with His power, and mighty works will be the results, when, in fact, the Bible says that “Those who KNOW THEIR GOD, will be strong and do great exploits! (Daniel 11:32). These exploits will take place as our spirit man is so connected to Holy Spirit, that out of our innermost being will flow a river of LIFE! It’s the place of explosion deep within our being as we are connected through relationship, that the MUNDANE WILL BECOME THE MIRACULOUS! It’s not by might or power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord. YES! it is all from and through the power of the Holy Spirit, but we will see MIGHTY EXPLOITS as we are transformed through a deep inward journey with Him, where our paradigm of WHO HE IS, HOW HE WORKS, AND WHO WE ARE IN HIM … COMES ALIVE! A place where our traditions and religious ways are obliterated as THE LIGHT OF HIS TRUTH replaces the old ways of religion! He is preparing a bride, calling forth a remnant, and preparing mature sons and daughters to the forefront! It’s time NOW … to let REVIVAL HAPPEN WITHIN, so that … the MUNDANE OF YESTERDAY WILL BECOME THE MIRACULOUS OF TODAY!

He desires to move us into the three-dimensional world that allows for the power of God to be displayed. What is this 3 Dimensional world? Good question and absolutely vital that we grow in our understanding of this spiritual realm that is happening all around us! First of all, God is three-in-one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We must put aside our formulas and pre-molded limitations of GOD and allow ourselves to be introduced to each Person of the Godhead by way of a LIVING RELATIONSHIP … WITH EACH ONE! No longer lumping them all together as One. They are one, but they are THREE. We have the opportunity to KNOW them … EACH ONE! They always work together but are very distinctly different personas, and we have the family privilege of getting to knowing each of them personally. Let’s put aside our pre-conceived thoughts and “distanced” relationship versions of looking for God in the space around us, almost as if He is an external God that comes and goes from our presence. Let’s go to the place of connection … INSIDE to the place, where He resides within us! The external God many of us have learned to seek (even though we haven’t actually seen it that way) is the ONE WHO LIVES WITHIN US! I would never have agreed or thought that my view of God was external up until this point. I knew He lived in me! I knew my spirit was born-again! I had experienced many amazing adventures with Him over the years! But, yet … my statement of, “God, I couldn’t hear you if you were standing right in front of me” told the real story!

We must learn to know Him and relate to Him from this position deep within the garden where we walk and talk with Him intimately. Instead of seeking a word given through others, we learn to go deep into the garden spot with HIM and ALLOW HIM TO SPEAK DIRECTLY TO US! Instead of hoping someone else’s prayers will produce the fruit we need, or bring the answer we desperately need, we can run “into Him” in the garden spot and find what we need out of personal communion, fully united with Him. (Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28). This is RELATIONSHIP! Otherwise, we are only being told about someone, and being taught to look to others for our answers, when HE is our answer! He may use others, but this is not the “go-to” model of hearing from Him.

Think about how irritating it is when you are standing with a few other people, and one of them wants to know something about you, but instead of looking to you and speaking directly to you, they choose to ask another in the third-person form about you! Don’t you just want to say … I AM RIGHT HERE! IF YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT ME … ASK ME! Let’s get to know God, our Father. Let’s get to know Jesus, our Lord, Healer, Savior, King, Redeemer, Lover, Bridegroom! And, let us get to know our precious Holy Spirit who lives in us and makes all three of the God-head real to us! (May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. (2 Corinthian 13:14). This question is now becomes extremely important … HOW DO YOU GET TO KNOW SOMEONE? Hearing about them? Learning about them? Spending time with them and doing ALL the talking about your worries, problems, concerns, and issues? Asking other people about them or their opinion of them? Listening to others discourse about a certain individual? We all know these may be ways of introduction, but they are not the ways to develop deep relationships. Somehow, because we aren’t the best at developing a deep relationship with others, we tend to transfer that to the way we develop our relationship with our 3-in-1 God. We are changing that though, right? RIGHT! YES, WE ARE!

We are three-in-one: Body, Soul, and Spirit. In the natural realm, our body is the easiest to grasp because it’s what we see and feel! Next, our souls (mind, will, and emotions) are also tangible as we filter our thoughts and beliefs from these places. We have allowed traumas and experiences in life (both good and bad) to dictate what our minds and emotions believe, even when we know they don’t line up with God’s truth! We have learned to validate them as if they are true! “If you only knew my circumstances, you would understand why I am …”. But the REAL TRUTH is this … our spirit man is WHO WE REALLY ARE! As we learn to commune with God, and He, in turn, reveals Himself to the point that our beliefs are fashioned from His Truth, we can begin living from the place of our SPIRIT MAN that will govern our souls and physical bodies! One of these parts of us will RULE! We must decide which one. Knowing more ABOUT GOD (3-Dimensional Godhead) still only empowers our body and soul to rule! But, KNOWING HIM FROM THE PLACE OF INTIMACY will begin to build us up in the holy faith … praying IN THE SPIRIT (Jude 1:20)! In the SPIRIT … not simply in tongues as we have thought this verse to mean! We can pray mindlessly “in the spirit”, or we can pray … IN DEEP RELATIONSHIP … from the POSITION OF THE SPIRIT. This is union, communion, and true fellowship as we connect “from the center of our being” with the GOD OF ALL THINGS … where He walks with us and talks with us in the garden place of relationship! This … the garden place of intimate relationship – was my greatest takeaway as I journeyed into His heart and He healed and restored me to NEW LIFE!

There are also three dimensions in the spirit world: The First Heaven where God lives, the Second Heaven where the demonic spirit world wages war and seeks control, and the Natural World, or earthly place where we live. Keep in mind, that we will relate most to the position in the spirit world from which we have POSITIONED OURSELVES! Are our physical bodies, or our minds, wills, and emotions ruling our thoughts and beliefs? If so, where are we positioned? Are these beliefs in opposition to what we SAY we believe? Most likely we are operating from a place of the soul, being molded and shaped by the spirit world that seeks to confuse, twist, and muddy the waters of WHO GOD TRULY IS! This is the place from which we adopt twisted doctrines that we hold to be true (think of the types of things mentioned earlier in the article). Perhaps we have learned a lot of demonic doctrines that have kept us in “a form of godliness, but without the power”? (2 Timothy 3:5-7). This scripture says that these things have crept into our house and led us astray! We don’t want to believe that some of our belief systems learned in the church world are actually preventing us from KNOWING THE TRUTH! Remember that Satan and his minions are masters at the twisting, perverting, and using a form of godliness to deceive God’s people. We are going to heaven, but we might get there quicker, or live a less than full life because we don’t actually KNOW HIM BY WAY OF THE INTIMATE, SECRET PLACE! How the Holy Spirit wants to set us free as He changes and rearranges our belief of scripture so we will KNOW the TRUTH and be set free! Once REAL TRUTH is established in our inner man, we begin to govern the physical and soul realms from a place of KNOWING HIM … not simply knowing about Him, knowing about His word, knowing about His Spirit, or believing doctrines that keep us being tossed to-and-fro from every wind of doctrine! (Ephesians 4:14)

So, get ready as you DIVE DEEPER INTO THE GARDEN SPOT WITH HIM because He wants to take us from THE MUNDANE TO THE MIRACULOUS! The place of relationship, shown forth in power as we walk and talk with Him! New things are coming soon! REVIVAL IS NOW and it is happening IN YOU! It must first happen IN US … in order to happen THROUGH US! Let us quit looking FOR revival, and instead focus on BECOMING REVIVAL! May this awaken a deeper REVIVAL WITHIN YOUR SPIRIT … NOW! Then … look out world … here comes a NEW ACTS CHAPTER 29 BELIEVER!

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