AMERICA: My Country ‘Tis of Thee!

AMERICA: My Country ‘Tis of Thee!

The anthem of “My Country “Tis of Thee” flows freely from the well of my heart this morning. Even when I’m not thinking about it, going along with my morning business at hand I find myself releasing this declaration, filled with life, liberty, freedom, faith, and joy. So, I thought … “Why not release it today as we go into this July Fourth Weekend! Something is in the air, my friends! There is an expectancy of something BIG and filled with fireworks, both in the natural and in the spirit realm.

God is moving in our Nation! BIG things are happening! Everyone who has “eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to receive” can most certainly perceive the shift that has taken place! We are about to step into another realm of reality! FIREWORKS EXPLODING! Oh yes, they are exploding and about to be visible for ALL TO SEE!

This weekend marks a shift and everyone still has the opportunity to get on “the right side” of the story! We can step out of the “woke zone” and into the “awakened zone” simply by deciding that America’s destiny has not and WILL NOT CHANGE! The only re-writing of history that will be done is the pages that WE choose to write for today and the future! The past always leads us to our future, so woke folk who think they can simply decide to erase the past, are clearly misguided. It’s time to be AWAKENED and leave all the woke-ism behind! Woke is the exact opposite of AWAKE! It is the counterfeit version of being exploited by the enemies of hell. So, I say to those who will … WAKE UP!

This is a clarion call to declare that God is into National Patriotism … no matter what the woke crowd says! As we learn to see God, His plan, His purpose, and His will for our Nation, we will recognize that not since the early settlers and Founding Fathers, has there been such a call to return to Patriotism! The type of Patriotism we are talking about is the DESTINY OF AMERICA! The clear call of destiny that God has placed within the fabric of this land and its people.

We have a DESTINY! We have a PURPOSE! We have a MANDATE from Heaven! We were birthed and forged as a Nation to bring liberty, freedom, and bravery to the world! It is a liberty, freedom, and bravery that can come ONLY THROUGH Jesus Christ, for He is the foundation upon which our Nation was established. The pilgrims left England with the sole purpose of the FREEDOM TO WORSHIP GOD! They fashioned our Declaration of Independence as a statement of faith upon which our country would stand!

So, this weekend, let us PROUDLY sing … “MY COUNTRY ‘TIS OF THEE, SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY. OF THEE, I SING! LAND WHERE MY FATHERS DIED. LAND OF THE PILGRIMS PRIDE. FROM EVERY MOUNTAINSIDE … LET FREEDOM RING”! As we do, may we understand and acknowledge that we are not simply standing with a Country, but we are standing with THE GOD OF THE COUNTRY! We are standing with His plans for our Nation, and therefore, His plans for us! We will NOT let our Nation be stolen or led down the path of socialism because that is NOT the DESTINY of this great land! No sir, and no ma’am, and again I say, NO WAY!!

“Lord, we thank you for the United States of America. We thank you for the covenant you made with our forefathers, and for the destiny with which you birthed this country. We thank you, that no matter what others may say, WE STAND WITH YOU! We shout it from the mountaintops that FREEDOM WILL RING! It will ring loud and clear, as we declare your LORDSHIP once again over this land! We proclaim that your purpose for us and our land WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED! We say that our patriotism is not misguided or simply for a nation, but it is completely focused on YOUR DESTINY in and through her! We stand with you, Jesus! We choose not to sit idly by, but instead, we stand with your plans, and we say … LET THE FIREWORKS BEGIN as you do what YOU have in mind. Let the fireworks show forth (fourth) your majesty above the works of the enemy’s plans to destroy our nation! LET YOUR FREEDOM RING”!

God bless you, my friends and GOD BLESS AMERICA! Join me as we SING IT OUT OVER OUR NATION: AMERICA!

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