Our Inheritance is Waiting For Us!

Our Inheritance is Waiting For Us!

If you know anything about the Laura of today, it is that my life banner can be summed up in this declaration and life statement: “My Journey Into God’s Heart”!  It is followed close behind with the clarion call … “Won’t you come and join me on this journey DEEP into God’s HEART”?For it is this place INSIDE HIS HEART that your life will change, your God will become more real than ever before, and ALL that is His becomes yours!

As I was praying today, these questions starting popping into my mind: Are we living on our Allowance?  Or on our inheritance?  From a place of wages?  Or a place of sonship?  Is our Father a pauper or is He a KING?  Not just A king, but THE KING OVER ALL THE EARTH?  What Kingdom does YOUR FATHER RULE? Does He LOVE you?  I mean, does He ADORE YOU?  Or simply view you as a responsibility? Is He a God of “just enough”?  Or a God of EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ABOVE?  

He desires to break the shackles of bondage and poverty.  He wants to break the mentality of “just enough to get by”, and “meeting our needs”!  He wants to do this for ALL His children.  I know I need a breakthrough in some areas of the reality of my inheritance.  As I have endeavored to share my journey into God’s heart, I thought this was another apropos conversation to share, as I cannot be the only one pressing further into obtaining the reality of the fullness of my inheritance that Jesus paid for and the Father has for me as His daughter!  We are coming into a place of the most amazing wealth transfer in all of history!  Wealth in every area is a key sense of the word, not just finances, although it most definitively applies to that as well.  

We are moving into the place of the extravagance poured out upon the prodigal son with the killing of the fatted calf, a banquet laid out for all to enjoy, with bounty and glory on display!  Remember the son who stayed behind, served his father and then scoffed at this elaborate display for the son who had appeared to squander it all?  With great indignance having worked and labored for his father while his brother left and misused all that he had been given?  Remember that his father said, “were you not here all along?  Was not everything I had at your disposal?  Was not my inheritance open to you?  (Luke 15:11-32). This son thought he was doing what was required in order to gain his inheritance, but not able to see that he had the privilege of LIVING FROM THE PLACE OF INHERITANCE ALL ALONG!  He was in the family and kingdom of his father, but chose the way of works in order to hope that someday the full inheritance would be his!  But, when his brother returned broken, humble, and acknowledging that only his father would be able to help him now, then the fullness of the family wealth was made available once again, to him.  This infuriated his brother as he thought his works would earn him the right to it all, when in fact the matter of the heart of his brother in acknowledging that to live in the kingdom of his father is better than any further inheritance could ever be.  

We are being called to live from our place of inheritance, not from our works.  This is living from a place of our sonship rather than a place of earning what we think we have worked for or deserve (or don’t deserve). This is not from a place of self-entitlement, greed, storing up wealth for our own inheritance, or building our own kingdoms, but from the place of deep relationship with our Father. God is an extravagant Father and he is calling his children to enter into our inheritance as His children!  To enter into living from a place that ALL that is HIS, belongs to us and He delights to lavish us with the treasures that are a part of our family inheritance.  Here’s the part where I feel I want to repeat again … not just in words and carnal beliefs, but IN TRUTH THROUGH RELATIONSHIP!

This is not a new sermon, but it is a NOW WORD to THE SONS & DAUGHTERS OF GOD!  It’s a word that says we can return and live as sons and daughters from the place of giving our full heart to Him, no longer expecting our works to earn the right to get by until one day, we earn our inheritance!  The time for inheritance is NOW!  The wealth transfer is taking place and this includes every aspect of our lives – body, soul, and spirit!  This is a supernatural transaction, that must be obtained as we enter into an understanding of our sonship.  Not by works, but by RELATIONSHIP with OUR FATHER!  

Recently, a friend shared a dream she had with me. She was in a big two-story house. She could see that on the upper level or upper floor of this house, it was covered with money (actual dollar bills). She thought, “I must go up and gather my share”, but while she was looking around for a bag to store it in, by the time she found one and went upstairs to gather her share, it disappeared, as someone else had stolen it! She asked if I had any insight into this dream. Immediately I saw that as we look to gather and store the treasures of heaven for our own use, the thief comes and steals them. It’s like the manna for the children of Israel in the desert, it wasn’t supposed to be stored up in bags where the thief can steal it from us, but instead, it is on the “upper heavenly level” where we can access our inheritance AT ANY TIME WE NEED IT! Remember that in this dream, she was looking for a bag to gather all she could, and store it up for her time of need! As she did, someone else STOLE IT FROM HER! It is always there, but our understanding of why it’s there, how it’s there, and what we are to do with it must change! It is not for OUR OWN KINGDOM, storing up treasures in bags where moths and rust create holes, but it is for OUR USE and THE USE OF THE KINGDOM! And it is available on the upper level by way of entering into a relationship with our Father! He is absolutely always extravagant, never stingy, never seeking to punish us! He is generous and desires that we have ALL THAT HIS SON PAID THE PRICE FOR US TO HAVE! The treasures of heaven are available (spirit, soul, and body) for us to access, but only as we enter into the right comprehension of what “the currency of heaven” truly is!

Matthew 6:19-20 (NASB) “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal

We are being called, AT THE HEART LEVEL, to step into a place of trusting in, relying upon, and yielding to the WILL OF OUR FATHER!  The place where our hearts are softened to the point that we begin to view every step and decision based upon our family tree!  We look at our destiny, our finances, our gifts and talents, our every breath as a CHILD OF GOD WHO ADORES THEIR FATHER!  This is the place of ACTUAL MANIFESTATION OF INHERITANCE … not simply a mental ascent to saying, “Oh yes, I know that.  I pray it every day”! The humility of admitting that perhaps we haven’t had it all figured out and that is why we have the results we’ve had! To truly grasp, that out of the place of adoration will flow the riches and the fullness of our inheritance!  We are being called to be the children that choose inheritance by way of RELATIONSHIP instead of WORKS!  We might think we know this, but do we really?  Do we really operate from a place that is so secure in our Father, that our worries, fears, concerns, and provisions melt away in the center of OUR INHERITANCE and HIS LOVE!  They are one, inheritance and love, for they are BOTH found deep IN THE HEART OF OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM.  

Have we come to the place where we are no longer satisfied with singing, shouting, and declaring a religious mantra and yet, still living from a place of slavery or even being a fair wage earner? The place where we must work for what He has already given to us?.  It’s time to find freedom in the deep wells of LOVE that only come from dwelling in the secret place of walking with our Father and knowing Him at a true level of intimacy!  It is THIS RELATIONSHIP that melts away the fear, the works, the striving, the shouting, the competing with our brothers and sisters, for WE ALL have the legal right, in Christ to discover and walk in THIS PLACE!  Our inheritance is available for us to DRAW UPON, but only the children who KNOW THEIR FATHER can draw upon this at will.  Not because he is a hard task-master, but because we don’t yet know Him and His love for us in a way that empowers us to trust fully that ALL HE HAS BELONGS TO US and that HE DESIRES TO MAKE IT ALL AVAILABLE TO US!  Not someday, but TODAY!  Not out of self-entitlement, but positioned from our family relationship.

I am preaching to myself here, and hope that it will somehow reach deep within your heart to unlock a door of entering into our FULL INHERITANCE in every way … spirit, soul, and body!  Whatever we need or even righteously desire has already been made available to us NOW!  What do we need?  Do we need healing in our bodies?  It is available to each and every one of us in the DEEP WELL OF RELATIONSHIP!  Do we need release or provision in the circumstances in which we find ourselves?  Trusting Him in a DEEP LEVEL OF INTIMACY, placing our trust in Him in the secret place … the garden spot where we can release it to Him and know that He will provide!  Where we hold it before Him with the assurance that He has only good for us, no longer allowing religious teachings to hijack our intimate trust into a place outside of inheritance that looks something like this:  “hoping against hope”, “God is in control”, “If it is your will” and other mantras of religion that leave it all up to the LORD, when in fact it truly is up to us to know and trust our Father so much that within the bounds of our relationship with Him, we have whatever belongs to Him, not just in theory, but in actuality.  

Finances – that’s always one we seem to stumble on, isn’t it?  We must be willing to let go of what we’ve been given so that MORE can be available to us!  Do we view our money as SEED, or do we view it as our security that we must hold on tightly to in case of emergency?  Do the number of funds in our account become our security and safety?  Or is HE our provision?  It’s not about what we do or do not have, but rather about how we perceive the riches of our Father that He so freely makes available to us … if only we have the relationship of trust that brings the assurance that can only be found in Him. Remember the dream and interpretation shared earlier?

These are all questions we must lay before the Father and allow Holy Spirit to show us where our hearts are because it’s easy to deceive ourselves.  But, He knows and is always readily present to show us THE HEART from which we are operating!  For where our heart is … so is our treasure!  So is our confident assurance!  Matthew 6:21 says,  “For where your treasure isthere your heart will be also”. This too is another place of “mystery” understood only in deep communion and relationship with God.  Where do the supernatural and the natural come together in our understanding of TRUE INHERITANCE?  Only the Holy Spirit can flip the light switch on and lead us deeper into His riches for only the spirit of a man knows his true heart!

One moment INSIDE THE HEART OF GOD will destroy the yoke, break the bondage, set the captives free!   In turn, bringing abundant LIFE where a lifetime of knowledge about Him, and operating from the place of the mind, while doing all the right things will never produce!  There will be little bits of fruit along the way, but FREEDOM only comes from INSIDE THE HEART OF GOD!  He wants to set us free so every bit of our inheritance is accessible to us!  This relationship with our Father brings about peace, confidence, assurance, freedom, and inheritance!  Not in our minds (speaking it forth while not experiencing it), but IN REALITY as EVIDENCED BY OUR ACTIONS, EMOTIONS, and the fruit of ALL HIS BENEFITS on display in our lives!  

He is calling once again to us, His children, to come deeper, set aside our religious doctrines, and allow this INSIDE JOB to take place so that we can operate more fully from the position of our inheritance IN HIM!  A place where the FRUIT IS ABUNDANT AND THE WORDS ARE FEW!  The place that is exactly opposite of perhaps where we have been living … abundant words and little fruit!  Hallelujah to the Lord, for He, has made the way!  Romans 8:15 says: For you did not receive the spirit of slavery leading again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption, by whom we cry, “Abba, Father.”  He is beckoning us to come closer, deeper, and know Him more intimately so that as our Father, He might make this mystery a reality and we will KNOW (not simply know about) the inheritance available as His son or daughter … NOW!  Our inheritance is waiting for us on the upper level of our relationship with our Father! Let’s enter in, AMEN? (July 6, 2021 – 10:12 am)

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