Rumors or Wars?
A man with a Bible is attacked by a dark lion

Rumors or Wars?

This morning, I awakened really early, stirred up in my spirit! I feel by the love of God, to once again SOUND THE ALARM! I am sitting here in my t-shirt that says, “DESPERTAR”! No, it doesn’t mean DESPERATE! But rather, it means TO BE AWAKE! TO COME ALIVE! So, I’ve decided to be bold and release this blog as a way of “food for thought & prayer, I’m reminded that about TWO YEARS AGO this very time, we were being fed a different narrative meant to manipulate, instill fear, control, and direct the masses of people into submission. Many of us have come to understand this was a NARRATIVE meant to manipulate and control. However, they seem to have come to the place where they know TOO MANY HAVE AWAKENED ON THIS LEVEL FOR IT TO CONTINUE TO PROSPER! So, better switch gears and go after the people another way! Today I compel you … If you aren’t certain the validity of what is REALLY being fed to us this time – Dig a little deeper and make certain you are fully awakened on this one, too! Let me clarify that I am not in any way saying that there isn’t conflict going on, just like two years ago there WAS a virus. What I am saying is that “the powers that be” are perhaps, once again, using a situation and spinning it into a web. A ploy that backfired? There is so much complexity to the issue, and much prayer and discernment are required.

Today, I am imploring you … SOUNDING the ALARM ONCE AGAIN TO … WAKE UP AND QUESTION THE CURRENT NARRATIVE BEING FED TO THE WORLD! How easy it is for us to have our heartstrings pulled upon out of fear, sympathy, escatology, or ignorance! The beating of the war drum in this current hour, along with all the “brave pictures”, “pleas for prayer”, “fear of a world war”, and the “rising again of a dictatorship” are painting a picture that perhaps … just perhaps is NOT what we are being told! Will you dare to dig a little deeper, put aside the information being fed via mainstream media (including FB), and allow yourself to be stretched once again? If so, you may find a different reality. I am not in any way saying that SOMETHING isn’t taking place in Ukraine, or that innocent people are not in harm’s way. I am simply saying … IS IT WHAT WE ARE BEING LED TO BELIEVE? OR, IS IT ANOTHER NARRATIVE MEANT TO LEAD US DOWN THE WRONG PATH OF PERCEPTION TO BECOME OUR NEW REALITY?

For me, I found myself not being comfortable with the pictures being circulated on the internet, instilling an “us versus them bad guys”, “fear of war”, “heartstrings of sympathy for the underdog”, “all the crying God’s people were doing” … it just didn’t sit right with me! I began to ask the Lord, “Show me what is really going on. I will pray, but I want to pray correctly in alignment with what is really going on”! I am ‘conspiracy theorist enough’ to question things that don’t smell right! I didn’t want to believe it either … I really didn’t, but there is so much corruption from the Luciferian Deep State System that we have a hard time grasping the pure evil of this system determined to manipulate and control the world. I mean, we simply cannot grasp that kind of evil! We must come to understand that since the beginning, Lucifer wanted to be above us “the human race”! He would do anything to deceive God’s people – anything! What we have a difficult time grabbing ahold of is that “these people in the deep state” WORSHIP LUCIFER like we WORSHIP GOD! They have aligned themselves with his plan to steal, kill, and destroy! His plan to run the world and be in charge … THE ONE WORLD ORDER UNDER LUCIFER! The only way they can do it is to control our ways of thinking as they shape our view of what is real so we will do whatever they tell us needs to be done for peace, safety, health, wealth, and provision.

We get one plea via FB from a pastor in the Ukraine that says, “pray for us … it’s terrible” and we rush to believe it without wondering, “who put that out there? I mean, really WHO put that out there?” We see “a brave leader” standing with his people and trust that it is a picture from today instead of a few years ago in the field with his troops … a photo op! I know it’s hard for us to not believe the things we are being fed. I don’t want to believe them either, but I want to believe them because I don’t want to be the sheep led to the slaughter. There’s a story in the book of Matthew 25 about Ten Virgins – they all had lamps, but they are urged to make sure they have OIL IN THEIR LAMPS! Lamps are used to shine forth light and lead the way! Our EYES are the lamps into our souls (mind, will, and emotions). It’s so very important what we choose to believe! Will we allow ourselves to be AWAKENED YET ONE MORE TIME … ON ONE MORE LEVEL? Or, will we choose to hold onto what we’ve always believed, even if it means we have no fresh oil in our lamps (the eyes of our understanding – our spirit by way of revelation)? In order to be the wise virgins (the Bride of Christ), we must let go of our traditions, religious ways, doctrines, and allow THE EYES OF OUR UNDERSTANDING TO BE ENLIGHTENED! The Lord is calling out to His people … DESPERTAR! Don’t be desperate, but instead … AWAKEN! COME ALIVE! FOLLOW ME!

After these past two years, I thought … “I’m awake! Praise the Lord!” THEN … THIS! A new narrative that I questioned in my spirit as it didn’t sit well with me! I am thankful that even though I don’t fully understand all the “ins and outs” of it, I know it is yet one more ploy of the Globalist Elites in cahoots with Lucifer to rule the world! I refuse … no matter what to be a “sheeple” and get led off the cliff. When we really settle by way of revelation insight that these people who are pulling the strings actually worship Lucifer and receive their strategies, intel, and orders from hell … we can then begin to better comprehend the depth of the deceit and lengths they will go to in order to rule. Just like we hear the voice of the Lord, receive dreams, revelation, and insight from God Almighty … they too, receive communication from their headquarters! They have so given themselves over to this Luciferian order, that they worship him and in agreement with him, will do WHATEVER they deem necessary to win. We have to get this and we have to get it now! Fully awake, fully seeing things from Heaven’s perspective, we can then discern and align ourselves with Jesus.

We have nothing to fear, nothing to be afraid of! That is … if we can AWAKEN ONCE AGAIN and ALLOW ourselves to be realigned in our traditions, doctrines, beliefs, and ways of thinking where God is concerned! We must not depend upon a pastor or leader to be awakened enough to lead us to this place! Of course, we want them to be, but we mustn’t depend upon it. Jesus is our Shepherd! Holy Spirit is our Guide, Counselor, Helper, Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Revelation, Spirit of Wise Counsel, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Prophecy, Spirit of Might, and Spirit of the Fear of God! He is IN US AND WILL SHOW US … IF ONLY … WE WILL LET GO OF OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING! If we will but let Him, reshape our doctrine, our views, our ways of thinking where He is concerned! We have nothing to fear because WE WIN! However, it is not automatic that YOU WILL WIN … unless you allow yourself to be fully awakened by Heaven! Yes, you can go to Heaven without being fully awakened, but as the old saying goes … “You just may find yourself there sooner than necessary”! Everything that happens is not automatically “the plan of God” for He is Sovereign, but much to our chagrin … we are the ones in control of our lives! We can yield control to Him IN us, but we must be in full cooperation as He will never override our will.

This blog is not to give the details of what is happening, for those are readily available in places off the mainstream media, which includes FB! Besides, I admit that I do not know the truth or reality of the details. I only know that within a very bad situation is a ploy to control the people through war! It is to AWAKEN IN YOU … to light a flame, stir the waters within your spirit, so that you will determine which road you will go down! Will it be the wide road of gullibility? Or will it be THE NARROW ROAD that must be searched for, sought after, and used to reshape your understanding BY THE HOLY SPIRIT? Jesus beckons us down the NARROW ROAD but says few are those who will take that way. Let’s be those few as He leads us into ALL TRUTH and no longer will we “eat the GMO information” being fed to the masses! Let’s lift the eyes of our understanding into the Heavenly realms and allow the torch of the Holy Spirit to show us His Way! This is where I stand personally. I am not suggesting in any way that you follow me, but I am urging you to seek the Lord, inform yourself on what just might really be going on, and then decide where you stand. That is what I am doing. I haven’t arrived at any complete understanding of the intricacies of the circumstances, but I don’t believe what is being fed to the masses by the same people who fed us the VIRUS meal. At any rate … it is a time to BE FULLY AWAKE, FULLY ALERT, and FULLY ALIVE IN HIM!

Do not be afraid friends. The true and the false are all being revealed in this hour. Heaven knows the full story that the corrupted mainstream media will never tell you. Stay in your position of faith and do not give in to fear. God is going to turn it all around for his glory!

By your words I can see where I’m going;
    they throw a beam of light on my dark path.
I’ve committed myself and I’ll never turn back
    from living by your righteous order.
Everything’s falling apart on me, God;
    put me together again with your Word.
Adorn me with your finest sayings, God;
    teach me your holy rules.
My life is as close as my own hands,
    but I don’t forget what you have revealed.
The wicked do their best to throw me off track,
    but I don’t swerve an inch from your course.
I inherited your book on living; it’s mine forever—
    what a gift! And how happy it makes me!
I concentrate on doing exactly what you say—
    I always have and always will. Psalm 119:105-112 (The Message)

Written by Laura Krewson – March 1, 2022. Blessings, peace, joy & love to you, my friends!

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