The Assurance in His Voice

The Assurance in His Voice

The world is crazy, whirling and spinning around us! Turbulence, chaos, uncertainty abound! Where do we turn in the midst of these times to find peace, joy, truth, and steadfastness? There is only one answer and His name is Jesus! He is the way, the truth, and the life, and no man can come to the Father except through Him! Although this subject relates directly to everything in life, I am specifically referring to the current chaotic situation in Ukraine.

As in any picture, there are many nuances, each reflecting a different facet of the overall picture, but each nuance or facet is vital to grasp in order to see the intended expression. I feel that once again this subject is seeking to be used to bring division amongst God’s people, with each “group” seeing different things going on in the photo. As we continue to see the angles of what is taking place, let us not think that the other side is ‘wrong’, but rather that they are seeing an angle that isn’t in our current view. The gifts and call of God on the inside of each person draw them to observe and respond to certain layers. I believe it is so we might pray as a whole because we are praying into different aspects of the same overall picture. How tragic it would be if we all saw only the same aspect of the picture and therefore the entire story is not embraced.

Is it the aggression of Russia against another nation because they see the opportunity to seize a moment to once again grab power? Yes! Is it the overreach of the sovereign borders of another nation? Yes! Is it the cleaning house of a nation that partnered with the globalists on many levels? Yes! Is it the miscalculated attempt by a rogue government (US and Russia) in order to cover up for their past evil deeds within Ukraine? Yes! Is it the shaking of a nation to call them back to the One who loves them? Yes! Is it the awakening that comes in the midst of persecution, or the scattering of the church like in Acts chapter 8? Yes! These are only the beginning of the questions we can ask that loom inside this picture currently taking place in Ukraine.

Should we focus on being deceived or should we focus on what the Lord is showing and speaking to us as our part in the ‘prayer picture’ that’s needed? There is also this aspect of it … the beginning, the middle, and the end of the story! Some are seeing layers, timelines, and purposes within the shaking. The tragic part is that many innocent people are affected and their lives are in upheaval, even some to death, due to the war games of the elites of the world who seek power and control. There is a sinister plot taking place in order to dominate and control the masses and the nations, and that type of evil power always brings with it tremendous suffering of the people. Given that this is happening and is beyond our control, should we think that our part of the picture and prayer focus is the only part and that everyone else is wrong? No, I don’t believe so!

If we are moved to cry and intercede in prayer for the people are we right and the only ones who are seeing it correctly? If we see the uncovering of Ukraine’s evil past in connection with the globalists and our prayer focus is for justice and the revealing of the globalist grip within its underground bunkers, or above ground bankers – are we the only ones seeing it correctly? No, but this is also a part of the overall picture. If we see the attempt to continue to steal a timeline in history by the powers of Hell that it is not yet time for – are we wrong to pray for this aspect of the big picture? Of course not! So, my brothers and sisters, my point is perhaps we should not be so quick to judge the other parts of the body who may be called to pray about different components of the same overall picture, for all the nuances and facets are necessary in order for the big picture to be made clear, as we pray our parts in stopping the agenda to steal, kill, and destroy … from all angles. I say … let’s bombard heaven with our part of the big picture and bless our brothers and sisters as they release what the Lord is showing them!

It is a time in history where we must take to heart the responsibility to HEAR HIS VOICE and FOLLOW HIS LEAD! It is not a time to throw stones as those who are called to a different position in the battle, otherwise, we are shooting down our own, and friendly fire will be used to take out those giving their time and prayer as God is leading them. We are in the decade of the voice and therefore, we are being called to step forward and release our voice, but it must be done as we first HEAR HIS VOICE – otherwise, we are simply a part of making noise that brings confusion. Don’t be afraid to use your voice and release what the Lord has put in you, just because someone else has a different part of the strategy. I’m reminded that when banks train tellers they never teach them all the aspects of counterfeit money, but instead, they teach them to know the real currency so well that they can quickly tell when it is a counterfeit! Of course, we do not want to be deceived, but the best way not to is to KNOW HIM! To know the REAL JESUS! To spend time in the secret place with Him and in His word so we are able to know His character and therefore know Him so well that we will not go down the wrong path – even if it sounds good to our minds! We will follow the leading of His voice deep within our spirit man and yield our hearts, prayers, and allegiances only to Jesus.

I know that I am called to sound a wake-up call, to cry out as a deliverer from religion “let my people go”, “set my people free”, and to lead others on a journey deep into God’s heart! Part of this mandate in my life is to go against the stream of tradition and religion! It’s not always comfortable because, for some strange reason, God’s people don’t seem to like it when others break out of the box of controlled manmade ideas about who God is! I have decided to follow Jesus in the lane of which He has called me and not worry about what man thinks! I encourage you to do the same. I pray that each of us continues to yield our pliable hearts to Him as we seek Him in all things, and that includes our prayers and purposes in standing, praying, and awakening in this current “war zone” playing out in front of us.

I will say that for me, I believe the Lord is at work and will fulfill the word He spoke to me in January of 2021. Even though it looks like war as that is what they are seeking to ignite, it will not prosper and become what they have intended it to be! It is NOT time for it to happen this way! It doesn’t mean that there are no war games being played as they seek to take the world into the final battle of the ages, and therefore there is a battle going on in the nation of Ukraine where innocent people’s lives are being drastically affected and it is no way a ‘game’ for them! What I am referring to is the overall strategy of the enemy that will not prosper, but I believe will actually boomerang and bring God’s people into a place of strength and power, and ultimately lead to a Nation turning to righteousness as His Bride arises. I see the part of the picture where God steps in and changes the narrative and doesn’t allow this to prosper! I stand on these words that He spoke to me because I have the ASSURANCE THAT I HEARD HIS VOICE! Be strong, be courageous, be of good cheer because JESUS HAS OVERCOME in the midst of a crazy world!

“Turbulence. Laura, there is going to be turbulence. Prepare yourself. Warn others. It’s about to happen. I don’t want you to fear in any way. I’m telling you so that you will not be afraid. You are not expecting what is about to happen. You think it will be one way, but it will be another. Don’t try to guess what it will look like, just be prepared and don’t be moved or shaken. It’s going to look like war, but it will not happen. I will not allow it to go that far. I will step in and change the narrative. I will turn the tide of the battle. I want you to warn the people. Tell them to get ready for it is about to break forth. There will be chaos, but I will not allow it to become war. I will not! You have prayed, my people. You have prayed and I have heard your prayers. There will be wars and there will be rumors of war. THIS IS ONLY A RUMOR. I will not allow it to take place. It is not time for things to go this way. I am about to pour out my Spirit and the enemies of hell will do anything to try and stop this from happening. But they will not be able to. I myself will stop this from happening. Remember that I used the word TURBULENCE. Do not forget that. I did NOT say war, I said TURBULENCE! I am the captain of the flight and I will guide you through to smoother skies. This will be a shaking, but it will be different. It will be much stronger than anything you’ve ever seen or known. You cannot fathom what the enemy has planned. But do not worry, for I know his plans and I will not allow them to take place. This is my promise … I WILL NOT allow this to prosper.”

Written by laura Krewson – March 4, 2022

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