Last night I had many dreams about people getting set free – being delivered from the issues that were hindering them and holding them in bondage – to sin – to misery and mistreatment – to habits and fears, abuse, and all that goes along with not comprehending their true destiny – their true identity!  To realize that … “I am free because Christ lives in me”!  Once we truly understand this, we are set free to live a life that is flowing with beauty and purpose! 

A season of setting the captives free … wow it has come … the time for freedom is here!  Freedom is available to ALL who choose to walk out of the prison of failure, addiction, abuse, trauma, religion, traditions, sickness, and whatever other lies the enemy of your soul has cunningly talked you into living in bondage to.  YOU ARE FREE … FREE INDEED!  Enter into the truth of who you are as you come to know (by revelation not by intellect, formula, or religious traditions) who CHRIST IS IN YOU!  It’s the time to be set free and walk into the promises of YOUR GOD!  They are FOR YOU.  He is FOR YOU!  He is calling you to turn and accept the truth that FREEDOM BELONGS TO YOU … NOW! 

Who’s report will you believe?  I believe the report of the Lord that YOU ARE FREE!  Rise up and walk into this freedom of Christ IN YOU … the hope of glory!  

In these series of dreams I saw just how easy it is to step into freedom!  The choice comes by way of choosing to believe by way of revelation light.  Allowing the lightbulb of Holy Spirit to be flipped on inside of you, grabbing hold of truth, and walking out of the lie!  This can never happen by way of our intellect as it is our spirit that has been designed to captain the ship – not our minds!  For far too long many have allowed the enemy to steer their emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and lives by trying to overcome the self-life through the portal of the mind and thoughts.  The truth is that our minds must be taught by our spirits what the truth is!  As we allow the light of God to be illuminated inside, and as a result choose to align our thoughts to what He says is true, we will leave the old life behind and walk free according to the Spirit!  Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM!  

Today I speak freedom to you!  I speak life to you!  I say, “rise up and walk free” in Jesus mighty name!  Whom the Son has set free is FREE INDEED!  I set before you today life or death, bondage or freedom – choose LIFE – choose FREEDOM!  You are no longer a slave to anything the enemy has previously talked you into accepting! YOU ARE FREE!

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty [emancipation from bondage, true freedom]. 2 Cor 3:17 (Amplified)

May 9, 2022 – written by Laura Krewson

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