Dive Into God’s Distillery!

Dive Into God’s Distillery!

A distillery? REALLY? What in the world does that mean? Anyone who knows me even just a little bit, knows that I am always filled with wild God-stories! Life after death caused me to lose my old self, only to discover this wild, free, uninhibited Laura of today! In my state of brokenness after Ron went to Heaven, the Lord led me to the place where I lost my mind (old ways of religion and tradition, DIY Christianity), and found His heart! As a result, I found myself inside His heart! I’ve become this girl filled with destiny and adventure who has lost the fear of man, lost the need for validation or approval of other people, lost the need for the appearance of “being somebody”, or whatever other orphanage ways I was living in without even knowing it! Instead, I found HIS HEART and I have never looked back! I will not be a pillar of stone stuck in the old ways of traditions of man, religion, and doctrines of demons! Oh, NO WAY … never going back … NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! I’ve reach the point where I no longer count the cost of following Jesus! So, let’s get back to the Distillery! How’s that for breaking religious constraints? I could not have made this story up! I mean, I can’t even fully describe it because it is so personal and one of those “You just had to be there and fully know the backstory” tales of discovery with the Lord!

Every day since hosting the first Revival Now Ministries Women’s Retreat … I have been flowing in this most glorious blessing of encouraging and calling other women higher into His heart and fullness!  Each day, my heart awakes and says, “Lord, who can we bless and strengthen today?  I am yours and you are mine!  Let’s splash the rivers of heaven over your people and watch the living waters call them into a higher place of knowing you”!  

This morning (June 2, 2022), I was encouraging a friend with this higher calling of union with Holy Spirit, and such joy filled my heart and my cup was overflowing with His majesty!  I was on my morning walk, sharing with her, and as we ended our conversation, I was on my last lap, and suddenly my eyes were drawn to something on the ground.  You see, I very rarely look down because I am too busy lifting my hands and heart to heaven, singing songs of praise and thanks to Him, but at that moment … my eyes were drawn to something laying on the ground!  What’s that, I said?  It was a small bottle someone had thrown on the ground.  I saw the words “Deep Eddy” and immediately knew it was a vodka made in Austin!  Suddenly I remembered a very strange word a friend had spoken to me in 2019 when she said, “I hear the words deep eddy over you”! 

WHAT?  What in the world does that mean?  Since I was already having wild encounters with the Lord at that time that were shifting my paradigm of who He is and how He works, I was curious enough to look up the meaning because I was certain it couldn’t mean that I was like a vodka or a distilled spirit!  I remember looking it up, and here is what it said:  “A current, as of water or air, moving contrary to the direction of the main current, especially in a circular motion”.  I thought, “oh yes, that’s me … moving counter-clockwise to most people, flowing in a direction that goes against the current” and even though I am wired a bit like that anyway, I found myself day after day, night after night, being taken places in the Spirit that would definitely exemplify this statement beyond my comprehension!  What a life-altering year 2019 was for me! WOW! I am overwhelmed each time I think of how the Lord crashed in on me and introduced Himself in ways that shattered my previous concepts of the Christian life!

Okay, back to the little vodka bottle on the ground this morning … my eyes were drawn to this little bottle, I bent down to pick it up and my first thought was to throw it back down on the ground and keep going.  I mean, really … why am I picking up a little booze bottle that someone has thrown on the ground? That’s not like me at all to even pay attention to it being there! Then, the Holy Spirit whispered, “Look at it!”  As I did, I began to laugh and revelation began to flow!  This is what the label says:  “Dive In”,  “Austin’s Original”, “Austin, Texas”, “Real Lemon”, “Handcrafted in Small Batches”!  WOW … a word spoken to me over three years ago in Austin, Texas sprang to life!  The Lord has taken me into places that are most certainly a “deep eddy” … a place of deep counterflow to the religious system of man”.  He did this initial work in in me in Austin, Texas! He only does it in a way that is handcrafted in small batches until we become an original!  He is the REAL DEAL and has been about His business of making me the mirrored reflection of His authenticity!  

9:58 am – while laughing and being overcome with the most amazing encounter with God over a little thrown away Deep Eddy vodka bottle … I had a thought … Why not ask the Lord what He wants to tell me in this – about this?

The Lord began to speak these words to me: “You have drunk deeply of my Spirit and my love in a way that is counter to the ways of the world and man.  You have trusted me and waited upon me for your very breath, your very life.  I have taken you into my heart and made you mine.  I have revealed myself to you in ways that have transformed you and sifted the world’s religion out of you.  You have yielded yourself and allowed me to create in you a pure heart and a transformed mind.  You followed my leading by going to Austin even when it made no sense to you.  I know it was a time of what seemed to be the wilderness for you, but I used it as a distillery of my ways within you.  My ways that are contra to the ways the church world has portrayed me and held my people in captivity and bondage to a system that only produces ‘me plus works’!  I have set you free and you have submitted to my work in you.  I have distilled you, sifted you, purified you, cleansed you, and now I am about to present you to the world.  It is going to happen, Laura.  You watch and see what I have planned.  You have learned to trust me even when nothing seems to be happening and that has been the preparation for what I am about to release through your life … THE PURE DISTILLED SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD IN ALL MY FULLNESS.  You will have the Seven-fold Spirit flowing in your life in ways that will take you into another dimension …. Into the deep eddy ways of contraflow.  With this comes a breaker anointing that we will use to set my people free, to break them out of their bondages, and bring them into the DEEP PLACES of MY SPIRIT!  This place where you learn how to flow with me instead of the traditions of men.  In this place, comes the “Let my people go and set my people free” breaker anointing …. The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is about to be released within you.  You will come to know me this way and in so doing, you will go deeper than you ever have before.  I release upon you, within you, THIS DAY … THE SPIRIT OF THE FEAR OF THE LORD!  Get ready for you don’t yet understand what this means, but you will.  The breaker anointing is now being released within you.”  

Me: Yes, Lord! Yes, Lord!  I receive the breaker anointing.  I don’t really know what that means, but I know I am about to be taught.  Holy Spirit, I welcome you, I welcome you, I welcome you!  Have your way in me and have your way through me!  

Him: “I led you to the teaching this morning on my Seven Spirits because it is my time to release them in you in greater measures!  Get ready, for you will soon see the breaker arise with the evidence of My Seven-fold anointing flowing from your life!” 

Me: Teach me, Holy Spirit.  I want to know you.  I want to know your ways.  Keep taking me deeper into the “eddy” – the contraflow – into the DEEP THINGS … THE MYSTERIES OF HEAVEN!  Break open the mysteries of heaven within me.  They are embedded within me waiting upon the release – the flames of your presence- to burn them into my understanding!  I desire the deeper contraflow mysteries of heaven to flood my life, and flow from my being, bringing glory, honor, and praise to you!

Him: “Surprise, surprise!  My surprises have only just begun!  Get ready, prepare yourself, for I am about to crash in on you even greater than ever before!  Trust me, take the steps with me, and I will empower you to do what I am calling you into … the deep eddy with me!”  

If the story isn’t crazy enough yet, I will tell you that every time I look at the little Deep Eddy bottle, I begin to laugh with a joy in my innermost being – from deep down within myself. Something deep within me is being wrought that is taking me into this new deep place with Him! I’m sharing this very deeply personal story with you only as an encouragement that when we abandon ourselves, our religious ways and thoughts of Him, we will be taken into the DEEP PLACE OF MYSTERIES IN HIM … THE SEVEN-FOLD SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD! As a result, we will be changed forever – never again going back to our old religious ideas, concepts, and traditions that have borne little bits of fruit along the way, but still leaving us “wanting” for the AUTHENTIC, MADE IN SMALL BATCHES, REAL DEAL INEBRIATING SPRIT OF THE LIVING GOD!

I will end with this, as I awakened this morning (the day following this wild encounter with Holy Spirit), a song I haven’t heard in many years was flooding my heart! Oh, yes … THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT, LORD! I LOVE YOU, LORD! I NEED TO FIND TRUE LOVE! https://youtu.be/KOQ6UnB_OP8 I am sharing this intimate treasure with you as a way of beckoning you to … Come into the King’s Chamber, to lose your mind and discover this most marvelous Jesus that will change you from old religious ways into TRUE, DEEP, INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP that will change you forever! He is always MORE! … MORE, LORD, MORE OF YOU! The Spirit and the Bride say: COME! Come and change us as you set us free, deliver us from the old religious systems, and bring us into the close, personal, intimate discoveries of You and Your ways! Distill me and purify me as you prepare me to KNOW YOU MORE FULLY!


Written by Laura Krewson (June 2 & 3, 2022)

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  • Every detail you said resonates in me!!!!!!! I get it!!! I get it!!! And I want more!!!!!!! You put words to so many things I have a hard time describing. I know I’m just at the start – but reading this is seeing where I’m headed too!!!!