I seem to be drawn into the mysterious realm of SOD which means the mystery of revelation hidden within the word. Since receiving the DEEP EDDY Revelation word last week (see previous post entitled Dive into God’s Distillery). I have an even greater hunger for understanding the mysteries hidden in the scripture.  In 2019 while listening to much of Brian Simmons, I heard him speak many times of how different the Book of Revelation is from what we have been taught as a futuristic final battle book that reveals the anti-christ!  I believed it then, I just wasn’t at the place to comprehend it.  I was being so saturated and immersed in my own Song of Songs journey, but at the same time, I knew this unveiling of Christ (book of Revelation) was also a part of what He was doing and saying!  I now seem to be drawn back into this mystery – the allegory – the hidden mystery of The Unveiling Book of Revelation!  The Revelation of THE CHRIST!  I know that I don’t yet comprehend this, but I am drawn in my spirit to marinate, saturate, and remain in this word … UNTIL … by the Seven-fold Spirit … I am brought to a place of deep and complete continuity with this picture of His work IN US!  

As I am writing the above only as a note of significance in my personal journal, THIS just sprang up out of me as rivers of living water began to flow!  It’s the second part of this prayer I was awakened with at 3:33 am this morning. Flowing out of my heart was this beautiful prayer that I knew to be on behalf of HIS DAUGHTERS: 

“Father, we are your daughters and we know your great love for us.  We are so thankful to know you this way.  To truly understand the depth of your love that changes us and the way we view ourselves.”  As I was awakened with this flowing out of my heart to my Father, I knew that YOU were completely wrapped up within this love song to Him! I felt as if I was lifting each and every one of HIS DAUGHTERS before Him!

Part Two:  His Response!  His Awakening Call: “You are a love song of the Father being written upon the heart – the spirit of your being!  You are the beautiful bride being prepared by the Father to present to His Son as the spotless bride!  You are the one He adores and treasures.  You are forever in his heart and on his mind!  There is nothing you can do to change this … absolutely NOTHING!  You can be numb to it, or oblivious to it, but you cannot CHANGE it!  His love for you is absolute!  Awaken your heart to this marvelous love and you will never be the same!  The song that will flow out of your life will bring blessing and freedom to those placed in your path!  It is the song of the Lamb – the love song between Jesus and His bride!  How beautiful you are, my lovely one!  Don’t listen to the world that tries to hold you in captivity!  Instead, awaken your heart and let me fill you with the mysterious, marvelous mysteries of union with the One who loves you!  I will write a melody on your heart that will forever be the song you will sing.  It will flow from you and set the captives free!  Let my song be your song!  Let the notes of our love be written upon your heart and then we will display them to the world.  Come away with me and let me do this work deep within you.  I am calling to my bride to come out of the traditions of men and enter into the mysterious work of My Spirit in your lives!  Never again will religion or tradition satisfy you!  Step into the glory realm with me and watch what I have in store for you.  You are beautiful to me, my lovely bride!  I accept you right where you are because I see the completed work.  This work can only be done as you yield yourself to me and LET ME do what only I can do in you!  You cannot work for it, or earn it!  You cannot use formulas or wisdom of man to enter into this archway of trust.  You must only yield your heart to me and LET ME!  I am whispering to you out of the Song of Songs!  I am calling you to awaken your heart and LET ME bring you into the fullness of what I have for you!  Oh, I see such beautiful things ahead for you that you wouldn’t believe them if I were to tell you about them. Oh, but you will believe one step at time as you open your heart to me and let me do this glorious, marvelous work within you!  Fading glory will never again be what you seek for.  You will instead seek union with me as I reveal a glory realm to you that comes only without the constraints of man or religion!  You will see, yes, you will see.  For now – just LET ME!  There is nothing you can do, but to simply LET ME!  Yield yourself and your heart to me and stand amazed at the deep and beautiful work that I do within you.  You will arise out of the wilderness leaning on your beloved!  You will arise healed, restored, refreshed, re-fired, and burning with a love you never before knew existed.  Its a flame that cannot be extinguished for you will taste and see that I am good and nothing – no nothing – will ever hold you captive again.  Come away with me, my love and let me do the work that only I know needs to be done within you.  I am the maker of your being and I know you intimately.  As you enter into this place you, too, will come to know ME INTIMATELY!  What a difference it will make!  Your heart will sing a new song and your life will forever be changed!  SELAH, MY LOVE, SELAH!  Think on these things and simply yield yourself to the place of LET ME … and your life will never look the same!  I love you and I have great plans for you, with you, and in you!  You can trust me and you will continually learn that you can trust me.  Trust is very different from what you imagine it to be, but you will learn the true meaning of trust as I do this deep work in you.  Awww … how satisfying to me you are, my equal,, my beautiful bride!  Come away with me and let me … then you will ARISE AND BLOSSOM LIKE THE FLOWER I have created you to be!  A flower with a unique scent and beauty that only YOU can release!  I see the end from the beginning and I am beckoning you into a new place with me.  Come through the archway of trust and you will see!  It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn FOR YOU … if only YOU WILL LET ME!”  

Wow! This is the Song of Songs being spoken to us! It’s as if this deep work within me is being done as a mother who is carrying her children within her heart!  This apostolic heart that says, “I am determined to labor with you until CHRIST IS FORMED IN YOU”! (Galatians 4:12-20). I feel this deep within my being as a work that only the Lord could be doing.  To carry the call for women without carrying a burden of making something happen.  It is a call to help form the beauty of the MYSTERIES OF CHRIST DEEP WITHIN HIS DAUGHTERS!  To call each one out of religion and into a deep, and intimate relationship with Him until HE IS FORMED IN HIS FULLNESS WITHIN US!  He is so different from much of what we have been taught and only those who are truly hungry and thirsty will open themselves up to this work.  I know it will come with opposition, but I do not care!  I care only about what HE CARES ABOUT and that is HIS BRIDE – His sons and daughters!  His bride being made into the look-a-like of the Son of God, His equal, His partner to reach the world with the most amazing love ever known!  

Written by Laura Krewson – June 8, 2022

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  • Love it. You are definitely an opener of doors for the new shift…. a forerunner, a heralder of the new things to come, my spirit sister and Lioness!