Get Ready for the Sound of Many Waters

Get Ready for the Sound of Many Waters

A few months ago, I went to visit with a friend. She hears things from the Lord that amaze me. Somehow our flow connects together, but they are at the same time, so very different. I began to ask her, “When did this deep connection with the Lord begin for you? How did it begin in you? How do you receive these most amazing insights from Him – I mean … what does it look like for you in Him? As I left her house, these words began to flow up and out of me. I began to sing and call to “the sound of many waters”, “to the mysteries being revealed that sound like the voice of many waters”!  We hadn’t spoken about this, but in the conversation with her, my spirit got so stirred up, that the deep waters began to flow! The mysteries of heaven lifted their heads within me and began to draw me into a new place that had yet been undiscovered by me (or better yet said,”revealed, by Him, in me”).

The next day as I walked, I continued to sing this song of mystery, deep calling unto deep … to the sounds of many waters and for unlocking of the mysteries that reside deep within my spirit.  I could sense as if it were an angel stirring the waters of the deep and the voice of the Father speaking and revealing mysteries to his sons & daughters! Mysteries that are arising up out of the deep places both in the natural and the supernatural being revealed to his sons and daughters – to His bride.  It’s the time for the waters to flow and as a result, everywhere they flow begins to spring to life.  There is a releasing of the mysteries of God within the sound of many waters that cause all things to spring to life.  It is the mystery of the union between Christ and His Bride!  These deep mysteries that must first be grasped in our spirit man because the natural man cannot understand or receive these things through mere intellect.  This mystery continued for several days as I was taken into an unfamiliar place in the depth of our Creator and it created in me a greater desire to know the mysteries that only He can speak. I realize that this kind of talk scares a lot of people for somehow we have been taught that it is new age, or woo woo, but if we could talk to Paul, or John, or Peter about these things, what do you think they would say? Think about what they penned for us that came to them totally and completely from the zone of ‘the mystery in Christ’! Paul said it over and over again … “This is the mystery found in Christ.” John said, “I saw things I cannot explain.” Peter saw things that he could not fathom until by the Spirit of Revelation and Understanding caused the meaning to be made known to him – in a flash, in a split second his mind was changed and his entire paradigm of the Lord was shifted! Think about it … he had walked with Jesus for three years on the earth and saw many extraordinary things in his times with Jesus, but when THE SEVEN FOLD SPIRIT INSIDE OF HIM turned on the light and HE SAW these mysteries, he was changed and empowered in a moment and the Gentile church was birthed as a result! We can do a lot of things in our own might and power and even see some fruit from them, but we cannot TRULY DO ANYTHING APART FROM HIM!

As I was drawn into this deep, rich, nutrient dense place with the Spirit of God, I found myself saying … “Speak Father, speak Spirit of God, speak Jesus … let the sound of many waters flow.  Release them from within me.  Release your mysteries that cause life to spring up.”  

THEN I HEARD THEM SAY … “Within the sound of many waters there is a multitude of things happening at once, the separating of the wheat from the tares, the chaff from the wheat, grace, and judgment, revealing all that is hidden, bringing forth the deep things of God, and exposing the plans of the enemy.  Many waters reveal the sharp contrast between all things – both good and evil.  The sound of many waters is like frequency vibrating and moving through the sound waves all throughout the heavens and the earth.  It’s the sword that separates the soul (flesh) from the spirit.  It’s the lightening of God that shatters the darkness and refreshes the earth.  The sound of many waters is both fierce and terrifying as it exposes all things and nothing – no, nothing – can be hidden.  There is not one thing that can hide from the One who speaks like many waters.  The sounds (frequencies) that go forth bring things into harmony and and at the same time destroys the organisms that seek to destroy you.  Get ready for the sound of many waters that is about to break forth.  You hear it rumbling – you hear the frequency in the deep that is about to break forth in you.  When it breaks be ready for the exposure of things that will shock the earth.  These things will reveal and expose, but they will also establish, for I am about to shake the earth like the day of My death where the ground shook, the veil was torn, and the darkness seemed it would never lift.  But, in my resurrection came the truth of who I am and what I have done.  I have come that you might have life and life to the full.  I have come that you will live a life worthy of walking with me.  A life where you are led by my Spirit and you follow me in all ways.  This is a place where you walk with me and talk with me.  Where together we enter into the dark things and expose them with our light.  We will turn on the light and expose the darkness.  As we do you will see many released from their prisons, and many who were held captive will be set free.  Those who the enemy has held for far too long will be released, revived, restored, empowered, and commissioned to go with me.  I am about to do these things so you must hear the voice of many waters.  You must harken to my voice and hear me clearly.  There is no time to waver in the waves of uncertainty.  You are my sheep and my sheep hear my voice.  The voice of the Father is about to be heard clearly by those who are willing.  Will you hear “this is my son (daughter), or will you hear only the thunder?  Will you be set free or will you hide in the rocks hoping they will not fall upon you?  You must decide because these things are about to happen.  The time is upon you for great exposure, for great separation of the flesh from the spirit, the soul from the things from above.  I am speaking so keep listening.  I am sending the sound waves throughout the earth.  This is not yet the heralding, but it will soon be upon you so you must begin to hear the rumblings, to call out to the deep waters, and be expectant of a great harvest of lovers.  Yes, the harvest is coming so make certain that you are ready.  Make certain that you are prepared because harvest exists from both kingdoms.  I desire that you receive only my harvest – only my goodness, only my rewards.  It’s good that you hear the rumblings because they precede the great day of exposure and release.  Prepare yourself and be expectant for I am about to move. “

My response: Lord, I feel this deep in my being.  I sense the vibration of the sound of many waters.  I sense the frequency as if it is on so many different levels I cannot even seem to discern them.  I see something like light that appears in many different colors on many different levels – frequencies that are moving and shifting things, layer upon layer – level upon level.  It’s as if I can sense the vibration of the sound of many waters.  Like I can feel or sense the movement of the colors, the frequencies, the vibrations, but they are still deep within in a way that they are almost out of my reach.  So, I call them up from within me.  I call them forth to separate in my life, to expose things that need to be dealt with, to prepare myself for the great shift.  It’s a beautiful thing if you are on the right side of it, but it’s a dreadful thing if you aren’t.  I want to be prepared and want to prepare others.  Let the frequency and the vibrations move and shift and sift within me.  Rearrange my cells and molecules in a way that produces life and only life.  Let my words, my thoughts, my actions, and my prayers, be in alignment with the frequency that is flowing from your throne!  The sounds of many waters …. The living waters that flow from your throne.  The living waters that flow from my inner belly.  It is the frequency – the vibration of heaven that shifts the atmosphere in people’s lives!  Within the sound of many waters lay the gifts that bring forth healing, deliverance, salvation, freedom, and complete wholeness.  It’s the sound of your voice, layered with your blood that destroys the works of darkness, and causes the light of your life to break forth like the dawn of a new day inside of us.  This is where we will arise and shine for … your light has come from within us, clothed with the frequency that establishes your kingdom realm with power, truth, and life!  

June 19 – after discovering the above in my journal on April 10 and 11 … Whoa … the waters are stirring!  I have this thought … Could the many waters be the Seven Spirits of God?  The ‘sound’ of many waters?  Each of the Seven flames of God represents the many aspects of Holy Spirit, how he works and moves and releases the supernatural depths of God.  Flames and waters are both so representative of Him as He is both rivers of living water, and the flames of fire that come as the baptism of fire, the fire in the eyes of our beloved, Jesus, and the unquenchable fires of His love!  Revelation 4 & 5

Could it also represent the sound of ‘many waters’ as in the voice of His many people who know Him in the intimate depths of their being?  Somehow I sense it is both!  It is the Seven-fold Spirit of God flowing up out of His people who are cultivating this intimate relationship with Him.  Those who will receive His voice and those who will let His rivers flow through them.  It is a mystery, indeed.  These things that cannot be understood with our natural minds, but must be received in our spirit deep within us.  

I want to make it clear that I am not speaking of cataclysmic things in the above conversations with the Lord. These are meant for us personally as he draws us deeper into his heart and does a work within us, preparing us, as He reveals Himself and ways that can only be received in our spirit man. Our natural man cannot comprehend these deep mysteries of His ways and being. Again, think about the early Disciples and Apostles – even the Old Testament prophets and the things they wrote to us! They are deep mysteries and allegories as the Seven-fold Spirit of the Living God brooded within them and drew them into places, and turned on a light inside of them as they came to know The Trinity in ways that come only by the revelatory awakening in our spirit … truly THE UNVEILING OF CHRIST WITHIN US!

May the SOUND OF MANY WATERS BEGIN TO RISE WITHIN US and may the FLAMES OF FIRE THAT BURN DAY & NIGHT BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD BECOME MORE THAN AN IDEA TO US!  May they become THE REALITY FROM WHICH WE LIVE OUR LIVES IN, WITH, FROM, AND THROUGH HIM!  I hear the sound of many waters, and the tide is rising, rising, rising.   So get ready!  

Written by Laura Krewson – June 21, 2022

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  • That was certainly a very deep message. On my first reading, I experienced a shift. I will be reading it a number of times so I can absorb the layers or waves of the deep waters. Thank you for sharing the heart of God through your heart. This was certainly a heart to heart message.

  • Glorious stirrings going on in me! Thankful that one of the 7 Spirits of the Lord is Understanding! 😊 More of ALL of You Lord!❤️