Catch The Wind!

Catch The Wind!

It’s funny really how the Lord works! He is full of mysteries and adventures, but He is not like us in the way that TIME for Him is not in a consecutive order limited by the calendar of what we call today, or tomorrow, this week, or next year! For a day is like a thousand years to Him. When another person says to us, “Let’s do this, or go here”, we say yes and expect that it means today, tomorrow, or this week … not someday! If people say things to us and they never act upon them, we decide that they are disingenuous and don’t really mean what they are saying. But, with the Lord, we must allow His plans and adventures to unfold in our lives as He leads us into them. For Him, it is about this most mysterious and marvelous journey that we are on WITH HIM. It is not about the accomplishment or checking our list of things to do or accomplishments off the list! He layers His plans and purposes within us, preparing us, teaching us, and leading us into His plans. If we “get the plan” and then off we run to make it happen, we will always run out of the true plan of God for our lives. Remember Abram and Sarai? They couldn’t understand how this promise of a son was going to come through her barren womb, so they enlisted the help of Hagar to be the surrogate, and we all know the outcome of that story!

I have discovered that “on the journey with Him” there is a seasoning, a layering, a drawing us, so that we are more fully coming into union and intimacy with Him. As a result we are being captivated by His heartbeat and ways that change our view of God and our view of life. We are no longer seeking to accomplish something FOR HIM, but instead we are entering into this love story WITH HIM! “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, and whosoever believes in Him shall be saved”: John 3:16. Saved doesn’t just mean that we are going to heaven when we finish our days on earth, but rather it means we are brought into His family and fullness. As a result “sozo” (salvation) begins flowing in our lives. We are saved, healed, restored to His original intent for our lives, the Spirit of Adoption comes alive in our hearts and sets us free as we come to KNOW OUR FATHER INTIMATELY!

I’m drawn back to a word the Lord spoke to me on June 30, 2021 when He said this to me: “I’m stirring you up, Laura as you are about to be pushed out of the nest  of comfort.  You are in a place of comfort even though you feel it’s uncomfortable.  You are about to understand what being uncomfortable is really like!  You are going to be pushed out of the nest and begin to fly.  You will catch the wind of My Spirit and begin to soar.  You will find that as you fly you will be free.  The feelings of reticence and discomfort will soon turn into the thrill of the sky.  You will soar to new heights as you begin to see things you’ve never seen before and do things you’ve never done before.  You will soar on wings of eagles.  You will glide upon the currents of the winds of My Spirit.  Do not fear the initial push out of the nest.  I know it seems scary and such a big thing, but I AM THE WINDS UPON WHICH YOU WILL SOAR!  I WILL NOT FAIL YOU OR LET YOU DOWN!  I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO FALL.  YOU WILL SOAR AND THEN … YOU WILL SOAR EVEN HIGHER.  We will shift and change to catch the winds as you rest in me, trust in me.  I am the winds … always remember that!  You are not doing this in your strength, your own might, or your own power.  I am calling you to do this and I will not only provide for you, I will be with you, in you, and for you every step of the way.  Trust me and step out upon the current of the wind that is about to come your way.  Yes, it is about to come YOUR WAY!  I want you to trust me and step out.  Just do it and leave the rest up to me.  I will not let you down.  It’s harder for an eagle to sit on a limb than it is for it to just leap off the limb into the winds for the very first time.  You will see that the leap onto the winds is much easier than sitting on the limb has been, even though you’ve been protected in the nest.  YOU WERE BORN TO FLY!  This is the season you will see your name emerge as you begin to soar.  It’s coming and it’s coming quickly.  This time I mean … QUICKLY!  This is not yet further in the future as the other words I have spoken to you have been This is a NOW WORD FOR YOU!  Get ready because the wind of My Spirit is about to arrive for you!  This is a wind sent especially for you to ride upon!  It’s like your own channel.  Just as you have not been able to figure out how to create a channel, so it is that you cannot create your own channel of wind, but I CAN.  I am doing it EVEN NOW!  So, get ready to fly, Laura.  Get ready to SOAR, Laura!  I am sending the wind – the channel of My Spirit upon which you will SOAR!  You will continue to discover that absolutely nothing in your life has been a mistake or a coincidence.  I have fashioned every nuance of your being for a specific purpose and plan.” 

(End of the Word from the Lord and quick clarification … PLEASE HEAR … this is not referring to ‘channeling’ … I was trying, without success, to create a Youtube channel and the Lord was using this current situation to speak to me as a parable.)

My response:  I must stay close to you, Lord.  I cannot separate myself from your wind!  You are the wind beneath my wings.  It is only you.  It’s only in you , Lord that I have anything worth saying.  The world is filled with too much noise, too many voices speaking nothing but empty words.  I desire that YOU FILL MY MOUTH WITH GOOD THINGS!  YOU, LORD, WILL FILL MY MOUTH AS I OPEN IT TO SPEAK FOR HEAVEN.  Don’t let me speak, Lord when I am speaking only my own thoughts and words.  I desire to stay close to you and speak out of the overflow of what you are saying to me.  Revelation must come by way of intimacy and the overflow of my love shared with you, spoken from the intimate place within your heart.  You are the giver of life and only your words bring life.  The kind of life that sets us free, and opens us up to the destiny you have placed within us.  We must have your words, Lord … your life.  It is this life that sets us free to be who you have created us to be and to do what you have created us to do.  I see that nothing is happenstance, Lord.  Nothing at all is happenstance in our lives for you are the creator of it all good things.  

I can’t help but remember years ago when I took a hot air balloon ride in Sedona, Arizona. I had never before thought about the way the winds blow. They began to teach us of the currents of the wind, by saying, “We’re going to go up a little higher to catch the currant of the wind that will take us to the south.” “Hold on to the side of the balloon as we make the shift.” At every level of the sky, the winds shift and the currants flow in different directions and the hot air balloon pilot must know how to monitor the winds and make the changes to move the balloon into the currant so that those aboard will arrive safely to the destination and not encounter turbulence along the way. They are wisely navigating the winds. always with the outcome in mind. The Counselor (pilot) who knows the winds is always available to teach us, guide us, and direct us as we navigate THE WINDS OF THE SPIRIT! He will say, “Come up higher, move to the left, lower a bit to miss the turbulence, we must make a navigational change in order to arrive at our destination on time, monitor the winds and watch where your experienced captain will take you.”

As I normally do, I am sharing out of my personal journey with Him in hopes that YOU, TOO … WILL CATCH THE WIND! LET’S SOAR INTO THE SKIES WITH HIM AND WATCH WHAT HE HAS IN STORE! In order to do this, we must first relinquish our constraints of man-made wisdom and traditions, and allow The COUNSELOR, the RUACH (breath) of GOD to move within us as we learn to respond to HIS WIND that is sent to carry us into greater heights, depths, widths, and breadths WITH HIM!

Written by Laura Krewson – July 24, 2022

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