The Encounter Zone!

The Encounter Zone!

Im at an intersection in my life right now.  The intersection of being satisfied or allowing the deep hunger for God to be the way in which I pursue Him?  This deep place is going to draw me into spaces and encounters for which I do not yet have a paradigm to comprehend in my mind (my box), but my spirit GETS IT.  They are the deep eddy and sound of many waters way that take me to depths and places in the supernatural that are currently out of my grasp.  I feel this stirring inside to KNOW HIM!  I have to realize that the places He has taken me previously are awesome and I can’t go to the next place without those, but I also must decide not to camp out there and miss what He has for me next.  It is the place of the supernatural and it looks so different from what I have previously understood it to be.  It’s beyond the gifts and calling – beyond the momentary places of seeing Him move in, through, and with me.  It truly is THE ENCOUNTER ZONE!  The place that takes me into the mysterious places of God to discover that He is so very different from the God we have had fashioned within our mindsets.  Supernatural mysteries are the places in God that radically intersect our lives and change us forever.  These supernatural places in God are meant to bring us into discovery of who we really are and who He really is.  I am finding that our future is really meant to be discovering our past by discovering the plan that was imparted into our lives before the foundations of the world were even laid. The song of our life is the song that was sung over us in the beginning as we were with Him before we were born.  It is a song filled with notes, sounds, colors, frequencies, vibrations, impressions, and all the components that bring together … WHO HE CREATED US TO BE.  Its as if we are being moved forward only to discover who we’ve always been but didn’t have any grid to grasp.  The deja vu moments that awaken something inside of us to reveal our true creation found ONLY IN HIM.  We are not really finding “new things”, but we are instead being awakened to who we really are IN CHRIST! It’s more like a discovery of this marvelous work He has done from before the foundations of the world were laid … IN US!

I know this sounds new age, but only because the true power of the supernatural has been hijacked and perverted SO THAT GOD’S PEOPLE WOULD STEER CLEAR AND REMAIN WITH A FORM OF GODLINESS WITHOUT TRUE POWER! We think if we go to enough classes and learn enough formulas that we will begin to move in true power, but it is not so! We see little deposits of God along the way, but it will never add up to the SAME POWER THAT RAISED JESUS FROM THE DEAD! It can only be understood as the place of deep mystery found ONLY IN HIM.  Let’s talk about what we call “new age” for a moment. There is nothing original that the devil can do because he has no creative life within him.  He can only copy, hijack, pervert, twist, and lie about what he has seen in ages past so that God’s people will be so afraid of it that we will never discover THE TRUE MYSTERIES OF GOD THAT AWAKEN US TO WHO HE IS AND WHO HE CREATED US TO BE IN UNION WITH HIM! Truly a mastermind move of the enemy to keep God’s people from pursuing the TRUE SUPERNATURAL in fear of “getting a stone instead of bread, or a snake instead of fish (Matthew 7:9-11). If we desire to be the type of Christ-like people we read about in our bibles, then we must move into the place where we allow Him to reveal Himself and create a Kingdom paradigm within us that removes religion, traditions, and “forms of godliness void of power” and establish HIS REALITIES – HIS KINGDOM within us. We are never going to press into the places we say we desire if we only continue to do it the same old way and expect somehow “by magic” we are going to get different results! It’s time for us to GROW UP INTO CHRIST … THE ANOINTED ONE! God is shaking our trees, awakening our spirits, calling us to LET HIM REVEAL HIS TRUTHS TO US. This is a place way beyond what we have known where gifts flow and we see some occasional supernatural. He desires to move us beyond gifts and into THE DEEP RICHNESS OF LIFE LIVED AS THE BRANCH ENTANGLED WITH THE VINE! To the point where we are drawing our true identity only from Him.

The sound waves, the frequencies, the colors, the notes, the melodies of heaven are being stirred within me, and as a result my spirit man is awakening to the mystery that only He can bring me into.  I realize that He has been trying to bring me into this for the better part of a year now, but my fear of ‘going off into some crazy place’ has kept me from yielding fully to the call.  Recently there were two very different encounters I had with Him.  One, I call The Deep Eddy and the other The Sound of Many Waters.  These two very different encounters with Him are what He is using to awaken me and draw me deeper into the Mystery Zone … The Encounter Zone!  I know it sounds crazy and ‘out there’, but I am only speaking things that our bible is full of.  Think of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Peter, Paul, John just for example.  They had crazy encounters with the Lord that we read today and accept as canonized scripture!  We somehow accept these encounters, but we don’t really examine that THIS IS THE MYSTERIOUSNESS OF GOD and the true SUPERNATURAL that He desires to bring us into.   We see in 2 Timothy 3:5: Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away – a form. And in Isaiah 29:13 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men.

This is the supernatural zone that we have yearned for, but somehow only had small tastes of because we have been taught a gospel powerless of the LIVING GOD IN ALL HIS FULLNESS!  We like to talk about angels and encounters, but we don’t truly comprehend that they play an active role in the supernatural things of God!  We are not seeking angels, this is just an example. We are simply being called to be more open to the true realm of the supernatural that our formulas, courses, and classes have taken us into.  Learning more about God is a very popular pursuit by God’s people, but LEARNING OF HIM … now that’s another matter completely!  

He is wild, off the charts supernatural, with flying creatures, living waters, sea of glass, crystals, and gemstones all around.  A rainbow that encircles Him filled with light, life colors, and majesty!  This supernatural zone is stretching me into places that I am wading into, and He is calling me to abandon myself to SO THAT … He might introduce Himself supernaturally to me.  How will we arise as the characters of the Book of Acts if we do not know the God who does things like transport us, puts us into trances (just as examples) so that He might bypass our minds and reveal Himself in ways that cause His power to flow from us to the point where the overshadowing of His presence heals the sick as we pass by, like Peter in the Book of Acts?  The place of the TRUE SUPERNATURAL is a place that takes us off the charts of our safe religious box or our ways of current comprehension.  Oh boy, it’s a wild ride as we choose to follow Him down the narrow path into places and spaces so unfamiliar to us!  

This intersection (really it’s an invitation) in my mind has a very fine line as we follow Him along the pathway grounded in the Word and the Spirit.  The place that takes us only into places with biblical context, but at the same time enables us to truly enter into biblical relational places of the supernatural. We must learn from Him as much of what we have relegated Him to isn’t even truly biblical, even though we think it is.  It’s yet difficult for me to describe because it is supernatural and when we read the things of God in the Bible, they are wild and crazy, but always produce a true encounter with HIM that PRODUCES FRUIT! They always produce change, freedom, or some aspect of God as a result of the encounter. Jesus is the doorway for all of these things in the Father’s heart and Holy Spirit is the one who will guide us into them in the fullness of the truth!  Leaving behind our elementary teachings and grasping of what we have called the supernatural, and laying hold of the ways of God that our examples throughout the scripture walked in.  We could go on and on about the storylines we know … Sampson, Gideon, Joshua, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Peter, Paul, John, Stephen, and each and every character the Bible has made available to us to reveal who He is and how He truly works!  Apart from this we will continue to have little bits of fruit along the way by way of ‘gifts at work’, but we will not enter into the true riches of His Glory found only in the mysteries of the supernatural!   Paul said in 2 Cor 12:1-3 (TPT): “Although it may not accomplish a thing, I need to move on and boast about supernatural visions and revelations of the Lord. Someone I’m acquainted with, who is in union with Christ, was swept away fourteen years ago in an ecstatic experience. He was taken into the third heaven, but I’m not sure if he was in his body or out of his body — only God knows. And I know that this man (again, I’m not sure if he was still in his body or taken out of his body –God knows) was caught up in an ecstatic experience and brought into paradise, where he overheard many wondrous and inexpressible secrets that were so sacred that no mortal is permitted to repeat them. I’m ready to boast of such an experience, but for my own good I refuse to boast unless it concerns my weaknesses. However, if I were to boast, it wouldn’t be ridiculous at all, for I would be speaking the truth. Yet I will refrain, lest others think higher of me than what I demonstrate with my life and teaching.

I have decided to follow Jesus down this pathway of trust into the Mystery Zone! I don’t want to walk according to my own understanding and limit Him to my own little box of the earthly ways that will only continue to produce little bits of fruit along the journey.  

I’m diving deep, in complete trust in THE ONE WHO IS ABOVE ALL THINGS!  The Creator, the Ancient of Days, the God whom in His presence there are flashes of lightening, peals of thunder, creatures flying who have eyes within and without, wheels within wheels, fire in His eyes, and so many things that even the books of the world could not hold them if all of it was written down!  He is so much more and I am choosing to say, “Yes, Lord, I trust you and will follow you at this intersection of my life.”  I choose the path that is off the charts of man, that takes us into the depths of the sea, and heights of the cosmos, that You might reveal Yourself and ways to me in the Encounter Zone, the Mystery Zone, the Revelation Zone, so that I might truly KNOW YOU MORE FULLY.  

Because these things are WHO HE IS …they don’t have to look spooky, and weird, and spiritual … but they will look SUPERNATURAL!  I am jumping off into the SUPERNATURAL ZONE … THE DEEP EDDY … THE SOUND OF MANY WATERS!  WANNA COME ALONG? As we do, we will discover ALL THESE THINGS TRULY BELONG TO THE ANCIENT OF DAYS! Never again will we be held captive by the ‘underworld’ that has convinced the church world that they are new age, so that we will steer clear of the TRUE POWER OF THE LIVING GOD! Remember that we are not being called to go down the twisted, perverted ‘new age’ path, but rather we are being called by Jesus to FOLLOW HIM DOWN THE NARROW PATH THAT LEADS TO ABUNDANT LIFE IN THE SUPERNATURAL POWER OF THE LIVING GOD!

Written by Laura Krewson – June 28, 2022

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