MACH 3: Breaking the Sound Barrier

MACH 3: Breaking the Sound Barrier

July 5, 2022 – 9:39 am, as I was reading The Divine Embrace, suddenly a thought illuminated my mind … “What does it mean to BREAK THE SOUND BARRIER?” Wait, what?  I don’t think like this!  Okay, Lord, what are you saying to me?  I know it has to do with “the sound of many waters”, “the frequency of heaven”, and “the encounter zone of the supernatural” WHOOAAA!  

Okay, what does breaking the sound barrier mean? As I researched, I found this quote by Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier:  “Leveling off at 42,000 feet, I had thirty percent of my fuel, so I turned on rocket chamber THREE and immediately reached .96 Mach.  I noticed that the faster I got, the smoother the ride.  Suddenly the Mach needle began to fluctuate.  It went up to .965 Mach – then tipped right off the scale … WE WERE FLYING SUPERSONIC!  And it was as smooth as a baby’s bottom; Grandma could be sitting up here sipping lemonade!”  (Emphasis by Laura)

WOW!  We can live beyond the sound barrier of this earth where it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom!  This can only be done as we leave the noise of this earth behind and enter into THE ENCOUNTER ZONE WITH HIM!  Not just a simple encounter that we don’t understand or use only as information, but LIFE-CHANGING ENCOUNTERS WITH THE LIVING GOD!  True encounters will bring change! They will bring enlightenment to our inner mind (our spirit), the release of power, or something that changes our paradigm! These are not meant to be “experiences” that we just talk about to prove that we were with Jesus!

Then, I had a flashback to June 1, 2019, I was awakened in the night with these two allegories and impartations from the Lord. In the first one, I was awakened at 5:09 am with this allegory”:

“There’s a rocket-fueled and ready to take off.  It’s been waiting for launch and the time has almost come.  Get everything ready.  Make sure all engines and systems are in place.  Stay tuned in to systems control –  they will guide you and direct your path.  The rocket is about to be launched into outer space – into a realm it’s never seen before.  Things will seem strange and unfamiliar so you must trust command central.  They will not fail you.  The rocket will search out things that are not of this world.    There are things in space you’ll see because you are weightless and free from the world’s grounding.  You must learn how to navigate the new air and space.  It’s a precise and freeing place to be in outer space – you are weightless and focused at the same time.  Stay in touch with systems control and they will direct your path and guide you through each step.  Get ready for the adventure of your life!” Then at 6:44 am, after going back to sleep, this came to me: 

I have sandals on my feet.  (Him):  “Get ready to run with me.  The enemy tried to chop your legs off from underneath you and steal your future.  Your feet are beautiful.  They are carrying the good news.  They are carrying my message to my bride!  The message of “arise my love and come away with me.  Do not be afraid.  I have gone before you”.  (Me): I have taken this beautiful journey with my bridegroom.  He’s so beautiful.  He’s altogether lovely.  He’s the lover of our souls.  He will carry you until you are ready to walk.  When you are ready he will put sandals on your feet too.  They are sandals fit for a bride.  Shiny and glorious.  (Him): “Come away beautiful maidens to the resting place with me.  Standing before you is one who has answered my call.  She will help you to see that it’s all worth it.  You have nothing to fear for it is I who am calling you, drawing you, beckoning for you to come away with me.  Beautiful, beautiful are the feet that carry the good news!  You’re so beautiful.  I love you, Laura.  Get ready to run with me and we will see the world from on high – from my perspective as we call my beautiful ones into the chambers of my love.”  

Next Scene: “Rockets and sandals – strange combination!  One takes me into the skies – to the heavenly realm to see and live and love.  The sandals put my feet on the ground in hot, dry, and desert places.  Both are a gift.  Both are my outfits.  Called to live in the heavenly realm but walk on the earth touching people.  Bringing healing, love, life, and a heavenly mission to my bride.  Let’s find them in the wildernesses of their soul and take them to the garden – to a better place to live their lives with me.  We will refresh them and heal them.  Oh Lord, you’re beautiful will be our theme.  We will sing it over them and they too will discover me as you have!”  Wow!

Now, let’s tie this back to the thought illuminated in my mind today: BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER:  Lord, I feel you are beckoning me (us) “to come”, to press beyond the limitations of this earthly world and ways of man, and to enter into this world beyond our natural realm.  This doesn’t happen easily as there is no formula to make this happen.  It only happens as we abandon ourselves to you and yield ourselves to push past the “sound barrier”, “the invisible wall” that has held us captive to a form of godliness without TRUE POWER!  I want to know YOU!  I want to step into the ZONE of the supernatural with you!  Help me, Lord, as I can only depend upon you and abandon myself to the ways of man that yield myself to fully trusting you without any concern of what it will mean.  The consequences of this will bring me to yet another place where I find myself even more peculiar.  Jesus, may we not be satisfied until we are like the famous line in the original Top Gun movie, “I know you.  You won’t be satisfied unless you are going Mach 2 WITH YOUR HAIR ON FIRE!”  

YES, LORD!  May we enter into the ENCOUNTER ZONE OF THE SUPERNATURAL – BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER OF THIS EARTH AND ENTER INTO THE HEAVENLY REALM WITH YOU!  May the SOUND OF MANY WATERS open the ears of our inner heart to hear you, see you, and make us alert and tuned into COMMAND CENTRAL.  May we see what can only be seen beyond the sound barrier of this earthly realm in the skies with you.  May we begin to flow with THE FREQUENCY OF HEAVEN and THE SOUND OF MANY WATERS.  What a difference when we calibrate ourselves to respond to your light, colors, and frequencies, all traveling at THE SPEED OF LIGHT FOUND ONLY IN YOU!  

I declare BREAKTHROUGH IN JESUS NAME! Let us flip the switch to ROCKET CHAMBER NUMBER THREE and let’s go deeper until we find ourselves in … THE ENCOUNTER ZONE! To do so, we must break through the noise of this world, the doctrines of denominationalism, and much of what we have erroneously thought about WHO JESUS IS! Let’s let Him teach us HIS DOCTRINE … THE DOCTRINE OF THE KINGDOM instead of the doctrines of men! HALLELUJAH! When we break the Sound Barrier, we will discover that it is smooth because we have broken through the earthly and second heaven realms of noise and warfare, and entered into the Heavenly Realm … the THRONE ROOM OF GOD! We can only do this as we let the Spirit of God shift our paradigm and show us by HIMSELF, WHO OUR SUPERNATURAL GOD TRULY IS! May we discover MACH 3 WITH OUR HAIR ON FIRE … WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH IN THE FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT!

Written by Laura Krewson – July 5, 2022

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