Breaking Free From The Matrix

Breaking Free From The Matrix

Over the weekend (July 10-11) I went somewhere.  I don’t yet understand it, but my mind was completely shut down.  I couldn’t really string a sentence together.  It was as if my brain was being rewired.  At first, I thought, “I must be hungry, or I must be tired, or maybe I need another cup of coffee” as I was trying to determine why I felt the way I did.  I am a very high-energy person and stay pretty consistent in my emotions thoughts, and actions on a regular basis.  Normally if I feel tired it is because I didn’t have enough fuel intake (good food) or I missed a few consecutive nights of good sleep.  It seems that nothing I did to resolve the situation was working so I decided “okay, something is going on here and I might as well yield to it”.  I just started soaking in the things of God.  As I did, I kept saying, “Where have I been all these years?”  I mean, really!  Where have I been?  All of this is becoming so clear to me.  On the third day of this experience I was having, I began to function again, with the exception of this … I said, “I don’t even recognize myself from a few days ago!”  “I cannot even think the way I did before!”  “It’s becoming so clear to me!”  I really didn’t know what it was that was becoming so clear, but I knew that I was not the same person and didn’t think the same way any longer!  

I thought 2019-2021 were paradigm-shifting years for me with the Lord, and they were, without any hesitation, for without those shifts, I would not be able to handle this one, for sure!  Recently, the Lord said this to me:  “ “Get ready, prepare yourself, for I am about to crash in on you even greater than ever before! Trust me, take the steps with me, and I will empower you to do what I am calling you into … step into the deep eddy with me!”  I had no idea really what He was talking about, but I am beginning to!

A deep eddy is a place of contra-flow against the current of wind or water!  It swirls in the deep places but it is always against or contra to the natural flow!  WOW!  How the Lord is breaking up my natural thinking and taking me places IN HIM that are shifting THE AXIS of who He is and what His Kingdom really is.  

Today as I was walking and talking with Him, I had the thought … “I wonder what coming out of the Matrix really is?”  Of course, I know the term and how it’s used, but WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN, LORD?  This is in response to my question of the past weekend … “Where have I been all of these years?”  Seriously, WHERE?  Lost in the matrix of man-made religion, boxes, works-based, do-it-yourself and say it’s God carnal Christianity!  I thought I was “out of the box”, but I realized I was just out of “one box” and into another one!  This box might have been bigger and appeared more spiritual than the other one, but man, oh man … we … THE CHURCH have been caught in The Matrix and don’t even know it!  

The thing about a matrix is that we don’t realize we are in it until we come out of it!  It’s become so normal to us that we think it’s the way it really is!  Oh, you foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?  

Right here, right now, I want to remind you that when I write these things, I am really processing them with the Lord and inviting you into the conversation.  I’m saying, that to me, with all due respect, it really doesn’t matter what you think about what I am saying, because it is my conversation with Jesus, with Holy Spirit, and with my Father!  My purpose in sharing it with you is to allow you to eavesdrop on my conversation with them and perhaps it will spark something in you to converse about with them, too!

What matrix are we living in?  If we are not walking in RESURRECTED, ASCENDED GLORY & POWER we are still caught in someone’s matrix!  The man-made doctrines of the church with a form of godliness but without any real power.  No wonder we have a form of godliness but are denied the power within’ – oh my!  Are we still wandering in someone’s matrix of classes, formulas, teachings, and things about Jesus, but still not seeing ourselves WALK IN FREEDOM, and RESURRECTION POWER … ALL found IN CHRIST!  IN HIM … not about Him!  If we just learn enough, practice enough, have the right prayer or formula, if we pray enough, fast enough, get holy enough, give enough, overcome our sinful ways enough, or ‘any other enough’ … then we will be better Christians!  Oh, good grief … LET’S GET FREE FROM THE MATRIX OF MAN-MADE RELIGION!  Let’s LET HIM guide us into HIS TRUTH!   

People say to me, “You’d better be careful, Laura, you don’t want to be deceived.”  The man-made doctrine of demons!  If I am submitted to Jesus, Holy Spirit, and my Father … truly submitted to Him – yielded so that THEY can lead me into THEIR TRUTH … how in the world am I going to be deceived?  I’m not following the new-age movement, I’m following HIM!  Look at our bible … it is FILLED with the supernatural power of God!  It is filled with HIS PEOPLE flowing WITH HIM IN HIS POWER and HIS KINGDOM!  When are we going to LET HIM bring us out of the MATRIX OF THE SYSTEM where we are more afraid of being deceived than we are expectant of being enlightened IN HIM?  What system, you say?  Well, choose one!  Denominationalism, doctrines of man, churches that say ‘we have it all right’, Patriotism, Mountain-ism, Activism, or any other ‘ism’ that holds our attention, focus, and directs our efforts to make a difference!  Hear me correctly here … GOOD is within all of these, it’s just that they are NOT the END ALL, BE ALL where we think “we’ve got it now” and once again it captures us and holds us there because surely THIS has to be it!  If we camp too long in any of these places, once again we will find that we have jumped from one Matrix to another!  

Whom the SON SETS FREE … IS FREE INDEED!  Are we free, truly free?  If not – are we IN THE SON?  The thing about a Matrix is this … we don’t realize we are in one until somehow we are awakened to realize that there is a world out there that looks very different to the one we have learned to function in!  WOW … there is more in that statement than first appears!  So many times we say, “This cannot be God” and indeed it is exactly WHO GOD IS!  How silly of us to think we have Him all figured out – ha! Religion, systems, and formulas have all told us who He is and framed the way we view scripture, and truth, but is it really TRUTH FROM HIS PERSPECTIVE?  

This all started in me when Ron died and one of the first things I remember saying to the Lord is this:  “Jesus, how can I continue to say that you are who I say you are … and yet, my life and all the believers I know … our lives look like this?”  What I meant is this … “Jesus, I still believe that is who You are, but something about the way I believe in You doesn’t line up and I don’t know what it is!  I have done all the things I learned to do and not only now, but all throughout my life as a Believer, myself and those around me seem to just explain away why we don’t SEE THE GOD WE SAY WE BELIEVE IN!”  No wonder the world looks elsewhere for the supernatural because they certainly aren’t seeing it from those of us who call ourselves Christians – save a few times here and there!  

I did not know where He would lead, how He would do it, or even if He would, but He has consistently been leading me out of THE MATRIX OF MAN-MADE RELIGION ever since!  Over thousands of years, religion has formed many rules, formulas, and views of who Jesus is and what LIFE IN HIM should look like!  With every revelation over the centuries, mankind determined to camp out there and build a monument to it so it could hold people captive to a system of paying, obeying, conforming, and staying IN IT!  Every denomination began with a REVELATION that was never intended to become a STAND ALONE DOCTRINE that says, “We are the ones who see it correctly.”  The problem is that man, driven by demons of greed, power, and control devised ways to once again enslave those who are supposed to be free!  The problem with that is that WE ARE NO LONGER SLAVES, BUT SONS (and daughters) and we simply need to be awakened to what that truly means!  No longer just the rhetoric of sonship, but the revelation of truly knowing our sonship in the reflection of THE FIRST BORN SON, JESUS!  

We are in a span of time that Holy Spirit is bringing us into … THE REVELATION OF THE CHRIST IN US!  In this revelation things like intimacy, union, and communion with the Trinity, being set free, being restored to our original intent of WHO WE ARE IN HIM and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN … even if we didn’t know it, and JESUS THE CHRIST BEING REVEALED IN US – TO US!  It’s no longer a time to KNOW ABOUT HIM … IT IS TIME TO KNOW HIM INTIMATELY!  

To walk out of The Matrix of man-made religion that says, “follow these rules, pay your tithes, fast, declare, decree, remind God of who He is and what He owes you if I’m just good enough then God will bless me, heal me, deliver me, and provide for me!”  Instead, we are being brought into HIS KINGDOM WAYS … AS SONS & DAUGHTERS BEING BROUGHT INTO MATURITY … IN HIM … NOT IN A SYSTEM OF WORKS, EFFORTS, RULES, JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS TO BE GOOD ENOUGH!  

He is eagerly waiting for us TO COME HOME and when He sees us even afar off … He runs out to meet us, throws a robe around us, kills the fatted calf (literally – kills the fat of religion in us), throws a party, and says MY SON, MY DAUGHTER HAS COME HOME!  Now, we can get to know one another and discover what our Father-Son relationship really looks like!  You will discover ALL THE BENEFITS FOUND IN HIM that were somehow out of our reach over there … in THE MATRIX OF THE MAN-MADE RELIGIOUS SYSTEM!  Now, we can begin to come alive IN CHRIST and be aligned to THE ORIGINAL INTENT OF OUR DESIGN IN & WITH HIM!  

Hallelujah!  Glory to God!  We can walk free, but we must first decide to leave the matrix behind and discover with Holy Spirit the realities of HIS KINGDOM!  Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit …. That’s the KINGDOM OF GOD!  We don’t have to “get right, find peace, have a moment of joy” … NO!  We get to LIVE there!  Our lives transformed to the place where these things FLOW FROM OUR LIVES!  

Oh, my friends, what taking a journey INTO HIS HEART will bring about IN US!  Never again am I going back to rules, formulas, traditions, doctrines of demons, and doctrines of men!  We are in for the adventure intended for our lifetime!  We are stepping into HIS KINGDOM where we will discover THE JESUS WE SAY WE BELIEVE IN!  I don’t know about you, but I have left The Matrix and I cannot wait to discover the life He intends for me to explore, experience, walk in, live, move, breathe, and have my being in!  

Once again, I will say that this journey has taken me through different levels of intimacy, revelation, exploration, and alignment.  It started with INTIMACY discovered with my Father, with Jesus, and with Holy Spirit.  As the intimacy prepared my heart, He has led me deeper still INTO HIS HEART only to discover that He is breaking me free of the system that I might walk WITH HIM IN HIS WAYS!  I might not have been open if He, himself had not spoken to me, opening my heart by the sound of His voice, His gentle leading, the Unveiling of Christ within me, and setting me free, so that I could lift up my heart and say, YES, LORD … I WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO SPACES AND PLACES UNFAMILIAR AND UNKNOWN TO ME!  They are not unfamiliar or unknown, simply unknown and unfamiliar to ME!  They are all throughout the scripture as His people interacted with Him and were led into HIS SUPERNATURAL WAYS!  After all, He is a SUPERNATURAL GOD, we simply have had a watered-down picture of what that really means!  To us, that has meant a sign or wonder here or there, gifts at work, gold dust, and other manifestations, and of course, it includes those, but it is SO MUCH MORE!  It is HIS KINGDOM WAYS THAT TAKE US IN OUR DAILY LIVES INTO THE SUPERNATURAL REALMS WITH HIM!  Until we find ourselves living in the supernatural with Him, and walking on this earth bringing His ways to humanity!  

This is the “glory to glory” He has offered to us.  Won’t you trust me, come away with me, let me reveal myself to you, and live the life I created you for?  I died and redeemed you back to your original design and intent, now won’t you come along and discover that with me?  IN ME? 

When He did this most marvelous work in me during 2019, I met him face-to-face and He changed me, healed me, restored me, and revealed Himself to me to the point where I thought, “this is it!”  How much better could it ever be?  Everyone has to know this!  And yes, it’s true, everyone needs to know Him intimately, in the secret place of our heart-to-heart with Him, for this is the beginning place of a deep relationship with The Trinity.  Without this discovery, everything we do will remain “in the works-based system” we have learned from. So, when recently He told me that He was about to crash in on me even greater than before, I could not even fathom how that could be possible!  I mean, “Wow, how could it get any better than this?” Oh, my friends, I assure you … It is MORE THAN POSSIBLE!  He desires to lead us all the days of our lives and into eternity as we yield to Him and simply LET HIM lead us, teach us, change us – all by way of REVEALING HIMSELF to us!  

I’ve left the Matrix so if you are looking for me … just look outside the walls and you’ll see me!  Even better … even though He may visit the Matrix, HE DOES NOT LIVE THERE, so if you’re looking FOR HIM …best to look outside the walls of the Matrix and you may be surprised at the ways you will meet Him ON THE JOURNEY DEEP INTO HIS HEART!

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Written by Laura Krewson – July 15, 2022   

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