Kill The Fatted Calf!

Kill The Fatted Calf!

It seems that since I went wherever it was that I went with the Lord last week, every time I begin to worship or pray, I just start laughing.  It’s a contagious laugh with so much joy and complete amazement at His beauty, love, and majesty.  I’m not trying to laugh, I just simply burst out in laughter and find myself feeling like I am “laughing with Him”.  Today, as I was laying on my bed, listening to worship and gazing upon His beauty, asking Him to “tune me like an instrument” so that my entire being would align to the frequency of heaven and respond to the moving of the “sound of many waters”, this started rising up out of my spirit …

“I sit in the heavens and laugh at the plans of man.  They think they can hold my people in bondage and slavery, but the time for that IS OVER!  I am laughing over my sons and daughters and causing them to hear the SOUND OF MY LAUGHTER AS THEY RISE UP TO ANSWER THE CALL … LET ME TUNE THEM AS AN INSTRUMENT FIT FOR THE MASTER’S USE!  Oh, no, it isn’t just about being USED … it’s about being retuned so you will know and recognize that you are an instrument in my hands and as you begin to align yourselves with my frequency and voice, you will begin to move into the most supernatural and mysterious places with me.  It is OUR relationship that I am after … the Father-Son (daughter) relationship where we walk together and I show how to grow into the vessel I have created you to be.  It’s about the awakening of all creation responding to My voice, and moving with me into the heavenly realms in which you are already seated, but simply haven’t understood.  There is nothing you can do to make me love you more.  There is nothing I won’t do for you because it’s already been done by my first-born Son, Jesus.  He has prepared the way for you to return to Me.  All it takes is one small pivot to RETURN and I will see you and come running to you!  I have prepared so much for you, and all you need to do is HEAR THE SOUND OF MY VOICE AND MAKE THE TURN.  Rest assured, I AM WAITING FOR THAT MOMENT IN THE LIFE OF EACH OF MY SONS & DAUGHTERS!  Oh, what a Kingdom I have to show you and bring you into the discovery of.  You will begin to be reminded of what you’ve already known in me since before the foundations of the world were even laid!  This is not a new thing for you, but it is an awakening deep within you that will cause you to begin to laugh, spin, twirl, rejoice, and shout!  I am already laughing over you as I spin with great violence to create the contraflow swirling within you.  RETURN TO ME!  Step out of the system you have been in that has caused you to think that you know me, and LET ME SHOW YOU WHO I REALLY AM!  Yes!  I said … I AM!  I want to show you the great I AM and all that My Kingdom has already placed within you.  You will find that I will awaken THE KINGDOM WITHIN YOU!  You will begin to hear things, see things, think things, and know things that seem to be new, but they are not new!  They are who I created you to be as you are being awakened in the deep places to the voice of the ONE WHO CREATED YOU!  I live in you and have deposited IN YOU … ALL THAT I AM!  It’s time that you discover these places and truths as you RETURN TO YOUR FATHER!  

So, laugh all you people because THE KING OF GLORY IS ABOUT TO ENTER YOUR GATES AND AWAKEN YOU!  Lift up your heads, oh you people, and begin to laugh with me – with great expectancy as in the birth of a newborn baby!  A baby who is entering the world it has waited so long to see.  You have waited to see THE WORLD OF MY KINGDOM … whom all of creation has been yearning for.  I say to you today, Arise and enter into my glory!  There is a realm that I will bring you into if only you will step out, return to me, and let me open it up to you.” 

My response:  Oh, Father, while all creation groans, WE LAUGH!  We laugh, and laugh, and laugh at the expectancy of child-birth.  Being born-again again so to speak into the mysterious and gloriousness of YOUR KINGDOM!  We’ve walked the other path of doing it our way and man’s way, but WE ARE RETURNING TO YOU and TO YOUR KINGDOM!  What joy, what celebration, what a party is being had in heaven as the SONS RETURN TO THE FATHER!  Hallelujah!  It’s laughter that is filled with deep joy and celebration!  As we laugh it releases the most incredible joy into the atmosphere.  You are brooding over your sons and daughters, calling us back to you!  Back to the pure, unadulterated KINGDOM OF OUR GOD and of HIS CHRIST!  Swing wide you gates that the KING OF GLORY MAY ENTER INTO YOUR HEARTS!  He is coming with ALL HIS SPLENDOR, ALL HIS MAJESTY, ALL HIS GLORY that YOU MIGHT ENTER INTO THE REALM OF HIS KINGDOM!  

Such joy, such peace, such righteousness as we discover that THIS IS WHO WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN!  Even though we tried living in the world’s system – even in the church!  We have discovered that we simply MUST HAVE YOU!  It may provoke the other brother (in us) to jealousy because he will say, “Haven’t I been here all along?  Haven’t I SERVED you?  Haven’t I DONE everything that you’ve asked of me?”  Only to hear the Father say, “Son, everything I have has been available to you all along!  Don’t be upset that your brother has come to his senses and RETURNED TO ME”!  The Kingdom of our Father is available to all those who will leave the foolishness of religion behind and RUN INTO HIS ARMS TO DISCOVER THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL … HAS ALWAYS BELONGED TO US!  

Be aware that He will KILL THE FATTET CALF AS PART OF THE CELEBRATION!  What does that mean, you say?  THE FAT OF OUR RELIGION!  The things we have thought to be Him and His ways, that really are only doctrines of men or doctrines of demons!  The ways we have thought Him to be and the lenses through which we have viewed Him as a task-master, or a hard-to-please Father!  The ways we have, like the other brother, tried to work our way into His good graces, and earn the favor of our Father who all along only wanted OUR HEARTS TO GET TO KNOW HIM … THE REAL HIM!  The One who loves us died for us, paid it all for us SO THAT we would ENTER INTO THE JOY OF OUR SALVATION!  

We have a choice to make … which brother will we be?  Will, we stubbornly hold onto our ways, or will we simply humble ourselves and RETURN TO OUR FATHER … ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT HE REJOICES OVER US AND WELCOMES US INTO … HIS KINGDOM … THE KINGDOM OF OUR GOD AND OF HIS CHRIST!  In all HIS FULLNESS!  

Be warned though, that it may not look much the way you’ve always thought it to look.  We will never see the true Kingdom if we continue along the path of a sin-conscious, works-based, rule-driven, the world gets worse and worse theology that only secretly holds us in bondage and captivity to religion instead of THE BEAUTY OF THE FATHER-SON (DAUGHTER) RELATIONSHIP WE ARE (and have always been) INTENDED TO LIVE!  

So, KILL THE FATTED CALVES (sacred cows) in us, Lord, and cause us to SEE YOU AND YOUR GLORIOUS REFLECTION IN OURSELVES!  Let us look into the mirror, gaze at your beauty and REMEMBER WHO WE ARE IN YOU!  Let us return to enter into the most marvelous relationship with the One who loves us most!  

Written by Laura Krewson – July 19, 2022

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