The Radiant Bride

The Radiant Bride

In my meditation this morning, or my prayer time – whatever you prefer to call it … I found myself immersed in a spirit picture where I was diving into the eyes of love, that beckoned me to dive into the heart of Jesus. Pressing into the “eyes of my understanding” or the imagination of my inner spirit-man, a glorious, radiant picture of the Bride sprang to life as I participated in this “baptism of fire, glory, oil, and love”, as if a washing and a strengthening all at the same time. I am learning to use the “eyes of my imagination” and allowing the Lord to reveal the deeper things of Himself, His Kingdom, and His love that the natural man cannot even begin to fathom. What a marvelous journey with the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) as we allow them to take us beyond our limited ways of thinking and to plunge us into the spiritual realms of THE HEART OF GOD!

As I gaze into his heart and dive into his eyes of fire, I see the bride as she is meant to be.  Being mature sons is vital, but becoming the BRIDE is the destiny of each son and daughter.  The radiant, glorious, shining bride who is on fire for her bridegroom and all that He holds dear.  His love for His bride is fervent and nothing takes precedent above this desire in his heart.  Burn us with the fire of your love that we might become your equal partner fit for our destiny to be lived in and with you.  Entwined with you is where we are called to live.  Heaven is not actually our home, instead YOUR HEART is our home.  To dive into the depths of your heart is the place you have called us to dwell.  In this place we will discover a universe that is broader and more glorious than anything that has ever entered into our minds.  As the radiant, glorious fire of your love burns within us and in turn, shines from within us, we will walk as your bride, as your equal partner.  The oil and the blood swirling together to immerse us into your burning heart of love. That is our destiny.  I see a bride that is falling in love with her bridegroom.  She will leave her father and mother (things of this world) in order to cleave only to him.  Let the fire of your love burn away the things that hold us in captivity and keep us earthbound.  We choose to dive into your glorious fiery waters and let you reveal yourself to us so that we might fall more deeply in love with you until, we are so in love that our hearts will burn within us, as those you spoke to along the road to Amaeus.  The fiery burning love of our Bridegroom is not simply an allegory, it is the world in which we are called to live as You make it come more and more alive in us.  That the eyes, ears, and heart of our imaginations will allow you to make yourself REAL until every moment of every day, our love story with you is lifting off the pages and becoming the romance of the ages.  This love will traverse the ages and live on into eternity.  It is the only love story ever written that will never end. 

Then, I heard Him say: “Earth is not your home, nor is heaven, but indeed it is MY HEART where all that I have destined for you will come alive and you will shine with the radiance of the Son whom you are called to walk alongside.  Let me take you to new depths and places in my love as I take you out of the constraints of your mind and earthly limitations.  The vast universe is not even big enough to hold the place where I live and the place that I have called you to live with me.  Open the eyes and ears of your inner mind and let me take you places that have never entered into your heart until now.  Explore this universe with me and let my love transform you into the glorious, shining one that I have called and destined you to be.” 

Written by Laura Krewson – September 16, 2022

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