About Laura

Before I tell you about me, I would like to tell you about the purpose of this blog. I am releasing this blog as I fully believe it is God’s directive to me for this time. I write these words out of my private times of union and communion with Him. His voice speaking to me … my voice speaking to Him. I am literally inviting you to “eavesdrop” on the conversations between the Holy Spirit and myself. All of them take place in the secret place – the secret garden deep within my being – where He walks with me and talks with me. These are “pearls” of great worth and great value. I release them to your heart – not to your ears! These are not meant to reach your mind or your intellect, but rather to flood your heart with the love language spoken between the Bridegroom and the Bride. Included in this blog is a free downloadable E-book called “Journey Into God’s Heart”. This is my story of how God re-introduced Himself to me and took me on this journey, after the tragic illness and death of my husband, Ron. I had no idea how to move forward, but I knew God had a new life for me and I was determined — even desperate to find it. I had no idea what – really WHO – I was about to meet anew, that would change my life forever! An encounter with my Father, with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit as they took me deep into the heart of God in ways I absolutely had no grid for. Thank you, Lord, for your indescribable love that transforms heals, and restores! In order to grasp the heartbeat of this blog, the E-book is the central starting point. May you be blessed beyond your imagination and may you be taken deeper into God’s heart than ever before!

A little bit about me: I met Jesus in June of 1991 when I was radically saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. My life would never be the same again! I currently live in Sarasota, Florida. After 9 years abroad in Central and South America. The Lord brought me to Austin for a new chapter of my life. My husband yielded his earthly life to the Lord while we were living in Medellin, Colombia. My life and all my belongings were there. As I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, broken and exhausted with absolutely no idea how to move forward. I knew God had a plan and a new chapter for me. I had no idea how I would move forward, but God indeed walked me through to the other side. After living in Austin for 3 years, suddenly, the Lord impressed upon me His plan to once again relocate to Sarasota!

People ask me if I speak Spanish? My answer is, “I speak Spanglish really well”! Sometimes I have a hard time remembering if I am pronouncing things correctly or which language I am actually using! So, please forgive me if occasionally you hear my Spanglish coming through! I have never seen myself as a writer so this is all new to me. My career was in sales and sales management. I was a speaker, teacher, trainer, motivator, and people builder. I guess this is kind of the same thing except on paper instead of using a microphone!

I am a huge “foodie”! Good coffee, good food, good wine – all enjoyed in the presence of good people! To me, food is a simple pleasure and should be experienced instead of just consumed! I guess we can say the same thing about God, right? He is meant to be experienced in a relationship instead of simply known about.

I love to travel and experience other cultures – learning about people and what is important to them. I look forward to many more travels, adventures, and expressions of life as God releases me to go with Him around this amazing and beautiful world He created!

Buon viaggio! Buen viaje! Happy travels as you go deeper into the heart of God and discover Him in new ways, new measures, new heights and new depths!