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Will You Walk With Me?

Mar 18 @ 9:06 am the Holy Spirit speaks this CALL to me … and to YOU! Will you walk with me?  Will you talk with me?  Will you let me come to you in the cool of the day that we might fellowship together?  I desire to love you...

God Is Opening Up the Portals of Heaven!

It is so interesting to me, the way God works! I mean truly …. He works in the most fascinating and mysterious ways. I had been sharing some things with a friend, and as I dug through the archives of my notes in time with God, looking for...

Why I Cannot and Will Not Leave it Alone!

It seems it’s been a very long season of time since March 2020 entered our lives, but yet, it’s only been one year since we have been given an opportunity to take a long hard look at what is happening! I say that we “have had the...


Laura Krewson loves to share her journey of going deeper into God's heart. She currently makes her home in Austin, TX and loves to travel the world.